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Assessment of Training

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Management Track Training

Trainer Feedback Form


Employee Code


Date of Training


Trainer How do you rate the trainer on the following parameters

Question Always Mostly Sometimes Never

Was the trainer knowledgeable about the ?Did the trainer communicate his /her ideas clearly ?Did the trainer answer all the questions the class had ?Was the trainer able to excite you about the program and your development path ?Did the trainer make you feel comfortable ?Did the trainer facilitate discussion in the session ?Did the trainer pace the session [banner_entry_middle]

so that your understanding was enhanced ?Did the trainer add value to you

Additional Comments Management Track Training

Test Passing Grade – 70 Points


Emp Code




Date In your own words define Leadership (5 Points Which is your style of leadership and why (10 Points What are the top 3 things that you need to do to develop into a successful leader (15 Points What is your MBTI pro , how will you strengthen yourself based on the MBTI input (10 Points What are the 3 things your boss could do to be a better leader (10 Points Why would anyone want you to be their boss (15 Points What are the 5 things you expect from your direct reports (5 Points How will you develop your direct reports to become the future leaders of this company (15 Points Which leader of men do you admire the most ? Why ? What was his leadership style ? What could he have done differently (15 Points Management Track Training

Managers ‘ Feedback Form

Manager ‘s Name




Trainee ‘s Name

Trainee ‘s Emp Code Before the Management Track Training , what were the qualities in this person that you felt would make him a future leader What are the 3 attributes that have changed in him /her after the training What are the 3 changes that you would like to see in him /her Do you think this person is now ready for the new role Does this person apply the Organization values with more fervor after the training What are the leadership qualities that this person displayed after the training On the following attributes , what changes do you see in this person after the training

Attribute Negative Neutral Positive Does he /she have this attribute to be a leader

Organization Values Organization Goals Organization Culture Communication Personal Motivation Implementing Change… [banner_entry_footer]

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