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Assignment A: African Music and Culture: Creative Exploration

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African Music and Culture Creative Exploration

African music is developed largely by the civilizations in sub-Saharan Africa . Their traditions give emphasis to singing . This is because songs are used as means of communication . Many languages in Africa are tone languages . Pitch level identifies meanings . Meanwhile , melodies and tempo of their songs go after the intonation and rhythms of the text of the songs . In general , African songs are in form of call-and-response as if they are really talking . This shows the relationship between the music and linguistic in sub-Saharan Africa . ADDIN EN [banner_entry_middle]

.CITE Genesis2African Genesis African People Culture 2006September 81996-2006africaguide .co mhttp /www .africaguide .com /culture /music .htm (Genesis 1996-2006

One major effect of the Arab conquest in North Africa is in religious aspect . Islam proliferated immediately in that part of the continent They were calling Muhammed , along with their god ‘s name Allah , five times in a day from thousands of towers near the mosque , which are called minarets . These minarets were spread in North Africa South-Western Europe , and Western and Central Asia . But in other parts of Africa , Islamization was quite a slow process . ADDIN EN .CITE DoiProf . A . Rahman I Doi Islam and Africa2006September 81998Dr . A Zahoorhttp /www .cyberistan .org /isl amic /islafrica .htm (Doi 1998

Africa is the birthplace of our habit of making music . The continent can be divided in five regions musically . North Africa has musical connection with the Arab and Islamic world . European colonization influenced music in West Africa . This region is known for classical and court music in sub-Saharan Africa . With their traditions , they preserved splendid musical heritage . ADDIN EN .CITE 2Africa2006September 91996-2006National Geographic Societyhttp /worldmusic .nationalge ographic .com /worldmusic /view /page .basic /region /content .region /africa_1 (Africa 1996-2006

In Madagascar , generally , more metrical songs can be found on the coastline . Songs that are more soothing and slower are from the interior part of the place . In linguistics , it is quite mysterious . Their spoken language , Malagasy , is widely used in the country despite of the island ‘s large size and cultural diversity . In additional , Malagasy originated in Indonesia . ADDIN EN .CITE WildMadagascar .org2004-2006 4412WildMadagascar .orgMalagasy , the language of Madagascar 2006September 92004-2006Rhett Butlerhttp /www .wildmadagascar .org /people /malagasy .html (WildMadagascar .org 2004-2006

After the resettlement of former African slaves , they got educational and job opportunities in urban areas . They engaged in cultural and scholarly activities . They had published some newss and journals They excelled in this field later . Examples of these successful Africans are Paul Laurence Dunbar , a poet-novelist , and Claude McKay , a black poet and novelist who first attracted a large number of white audience ADDIN EN .CITE AFRICAN S-AMERICANS2006September 92006The History Channel websitehttp /www .history .com /encyc lopedia .do ?articleId 200351 (AFRICANS-AMERICANS 2006 .REFERENCES

ADDIN EN .REFLIST Africa 2006 . National Geographic Society 1996-2006 [cited September 9 2006] . Available from HYPERLINK “http /worldmusic .nationalgeographic .com /worldmusic /view /page .basic /reg ion /content .region /africa_1 http /worldmusic .nationalgeographic .com /worldmusic /view /page .basic /regi on /content .region /africa_1

AFRICANS-AMERICANS 2006 . The History Channel… [banner_entry_footer]

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