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australian regard themselves as egalitarian yet society has marinalized homosexu

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Australia with its brief history of only 200 years has already shown the world to what extent people can develop their society and implicate their own `local ‘ traditions and values in social life of the country The issue that recently risen in Australian society and in the rest of the world community is the reality of Australian egalitarianism and if it has ever existed as Australians have marginalized homosexuals within their contemporary so-called democratic society , and yet inequality still remains and [banner_entry_middle]

nobody will ever get rid of it in the nearest observable future

There have been plenty of discussions in the press and in media on the matter , yet the roots of the national idea of being an egalitarian society dates back to the times of the first settlers where , actually we can also find some answers to the questions on the real nature of Australian society

The Australian belief in an egalitarian society goes back to its earliest days and `tall poppies , people who try to stand out above the crowd , have to be lopped to restore equality . The tall poppy syndrome refers to the behavioral trait of Australians to cut down those who are ‘superior ‘ to them . It is used to explain why most politicians , some academics , and the occasional millionaire , commands a level of community admiration inferior to that of a toilet cleaner

With years passed , some tall poppies have attempted to free Australia of the syndrome and these fallacies are obvious as it was , is and will be a way too difficult to equalize the whole society and you never know what to expect in the end , what outcomes may prevail – or who will like it , I mean the standardized equal society

Let me just remind you of the Soviet Union experience of policies of equalization . Where is the USSR now ? It simply perished in its own egalitarian-directed policies as it can not be cheered by the people to have everything the same , have equal salary wages . We are all different and we can not be absolutely equal

It has been widely argued that Australian egalitarianism has always been a myth . The evidence that give us a truly picture is the first British settlement Terra Nullius which actually was an invasion to a foreign land and moreover a violation of the locals ‘ rights . Since those times social and class stratification has always existed in Australia

First , it appeared in the form of moving beyond transported convicts military and administrative colonial masters and from low-level social strata to a higher one and vice versa . Later on , in the twentieth century Australia experienced several migration waves where its national `egalitarian ‘ being appeared to be false or not working for all , just for the chosen ones . Each ethnic group arrived on its soil regarded with a high level of suspicion and dislike , until a newer one would have arrived and taken the heat of social pressure from the former… [banner_entry_footer]

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