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B2C site compared to B2Bsite

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B2C site compared to B2Bsite


Companies and individual entrepreneurs involved in e-commerce are operating in three-dimensional environment comprised with ethical , legal and regulatory norms and policies . Failure to comply with these norms may trigger various consequences for business or individual – from forfeiture of merchant account issued by banking institution to lack of customers aware of company ‘s incompliance or unethical conduct . From the critical perspective , due to the fact that Internet and e-commerce tools enable merchants and companies to adjust online environment on their sites , online companies can utilize [banner_entry_middle]

this ability to manage ethical legal and regulatory procedures concerning both customers and businesses (Schneider , 2004

Ethical conduct and procedures are especially important in the B2B framework because businesses selling to other businesses treat their customers more as partners and rely on reciprocal information sharing for developing mutually beneficial partnerships . Because the relationship is more extensive , every time there is an exchange of information or data , it must be meticulously tracked and labeled as general business or confidential as appropriate

B2B businesses must prevent unauthorized access to customer information on their Web sites , and protect the privacy of their customers partners both technically and legally . Businesses such as Adobe software , many of whose customers are other businesses , accomplish this by having customized pages for each partner which are accessible only through login /password combinations issued by Adobe . In the B2C framework , ethics are important in that they establish and promote the credibility of the business to its online customers . B2C merchants therefore , also must safeguard their customers ‘ information , but without the level of customization offered by B2B businesses (Schneider , 2004 For instance , Amazon .com requires a username and password each time a site visitor asks for any type of customer account information , but they do not offer customized pricing for each customer as a B2B site would

Legal norms and compliance procedures such as liability , contract validity and jurisdiction are equally important in both B2B and B2C frameworks , but they are slightly different because of the varying needs of B2B versus B2C customers . For instance , in the B2B framework the use of multiple networks and trading partners as well as various contacts within trading partner organizations make the documentation of responsibility challenging . Here the use of online enterprise software that tracks activity by individual user through the issuance of multiple usernames and passwords both among different partners and within a partner organization can alleviate this difficulty . Large printers such as Fry Communications , for instance , which print for several different publishers , solve this problem through issuing multiple usernames and passwords under each different publisher ‘s online account . This allows multiple editors , production mangers and artists to submit work and check the progress of their particular publication at Fry ‘s various facilities simply by logging in under their companies ‘ accounts using their individual usernames and passwords

In B2C business relationships , international laws often come into play because of the wide reach that the internet creates

The Internet has few regulations , and its… [banner_entry_footer]

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