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Ballet- Don Quixote

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Ballet Don Quixote

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Marius Petipa was born in Marseille , France in 1818 moved to St Petersburg in 1847 from Italy and died in Gurzuf Ukraine in 1910 . He worked for nearly 60 years at the Mariinsky Theatre in St . Petersburg and had a profound influence on modern classical Russian ballet . He directed many of the greatest artists in Russian ballet and developed ballets that retain an important position in Russian dance repertoire After Marius Petipa ‘s debut in Nantes , France , in [banner_entry_middle]

1838 , he danced in Belgium , France , and the United States before accepting an engagement in Spain , where he gathered material for ballets later produced in Russia He established a reputation as a talented pantomime artist and one of the outstanding dancers of his day . Petipa made his initial appearance at the St . Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre in 1847 in Paquita . For his wife , the ballerina Mariya Surovshchikova , he created Le Marchy des Paris (1859 Parisian Market staged as Le Marchy des innocents 1861 . His first outstanding success was La fille du pharaon (1862 The Pharaoh ‘s Daughter . Later , after becoming choreographer in 1862 and chief choreographer in 1869 , Petipa produced more than 60 ballets working from carefully detailed plans that became the basis of modern classical ballet in Russia . He collaborated with Tchaikovsky on The Nutcracker (Casse Noisette , choreographed by his assistant Lev Ivanov and The Sleeping Beauty and presented versions of Swan Lake , Raymonda and Giselle that have been revived frequently . Among other major ballets are his Don Quixote (1869 , La Bayadire (1877 , and Le Corsaire (1899

The composer who collaborated with Petipa in creating Don Quixote ballet was Aloisius Ludwig Minkus . His biographical information is very diverse but the most commonly data on his origin states that he was born in Vienna in 1826 . There are opinions that he was of Polish or Czech origin . His first compositions were light music for dancing . His first public presentation of ballet music was an en ‘tracte included into a Moscow performance of Adam ‘s Orfa . In1861 Minkus worked in the Bolshoi Theater , first as violin soloist , later he became a composer of the theatre and in 1864 he was became a ballet composer at the Bolshoi . His career in Bolshoi was interrupted by the trip to France and on returning to Russia the composer started creating ballet music for Petipa ‘s works .In 1868 Petipa made Don Quixote ballet for the Bolshoi Theater , with music composed by Minkus in the same year . The ballet was a well-deserved success being first performed in 1869 in Bolshoi Theater in Moscow . It was fame for both Minkus and Petipa . This was beginning of fruitful activity by Minkus , and in 1877 appeared one of his most successful compositions La Bayadire , Roxana or The Beauty from Montenegro in 1878 and many others . Though the ballet by Petipa on music by Minkus was not the first attempt to put the well known novel into music and dances… [banner_entry_footer]

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