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Banking Finance

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1 . Abstract 4

2 . Chapter 1 – Introduction 6 (a ) Aim and Objectives 8

3 . Chapter 2 – Research Methodology 9 (a ) The Research Philosophy 9 (b ) Research Approach 10 (c ) Research Data 12 (d ) Data Collection Method 15

4 . Chapter 3 – Literature Review 18 (a ) Literature on Banking in China 18 (b ) Literature on Bank of China . 20 (c ) Literature on HSBC 25

5 . Chapter 4 – Findings 28 (a ) Findings [banner_entry_middle]

– Secondary Research 28 (b ) Findings Research Questionnaire 30

6 . Chapter 5 Analysis of Research 34 (a ) Bank of China and HSBC Comparative Analysis 38

7 . Chapter 6 – Conclusions (Includes

Recommendations for banking in China . 44

8 . Chapter 7 – Recommendations (Includes limitations and recommendations for further research . 46

9 . References 47

10 . Bibliography 49

11 Appendix – Research Questionnaire 50 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS


China ‘s rapidly developing economy is dependent on a banking industry which is controlled by the state . The four public banks of China and the People ‘s Bank of China have a strong hold over the country ‘s financial system . The advent of China in WTO in 2001 and globalization has led to a felt need for transformation in the Chinese economy to integrate it with the global economy . The financial sector will need to support this change . An assessment of the state of the Chinese banking industry at present and its future growth is therefore essential . Ideally this can be achieved by benchmarking a Chinese bank and a European Bank , for which purpose a case study of Bank of China and HSBC , London has been carried out . The aim of the research is therefore to undertake an analysis of the Chinese banking systems , processes and products through a case study of the above mentioned banks while the objectives of the research indicate assessment of the overall state of the Chinese banking industry , evaluate implementation of various processes and systems and highlight the areas for growth . A deductive – inductive approach with emphasis on case study has been adopted for the research . Apart from extensive secondary research through literature survey , a detailed questionnaire has been administered to 40 clients across a wide cross section of personal and corporate customers of Bank of China and HSBC London which has formed the key primary resource for the research

A review of the research sources and questionnaires has revealed that Bank of China has been able to quickly adapt itself to the changing requirements of a globalised financial environment and is providing both personal as well as business banking services to meet its customer ‘s requirements . HSBC which considers itself as the World ‘s local bank is providing a complete package of services to the corporate as well as personal client and has been successful in implementing the same throughout the World . Its initial forays into China have also underlined the success story . The quality of service in both the banks was… [banner_entry_footer]

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