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Barnes and Nobels Vs Amazon

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p Introduction

How to assess the the success of online business and also turning the existing brand into an online brand ? The important factors to consider are

Assess the advantage of being the first in selling

Assess the customer reliance on the web

Assess the company ‘s reputation and marketing strategies

Assess the value of information customer is being offered

Assess the customer experience and adaptability on online purchases

Always have brand name as domain name

Bn .com and Amazon .com are the best selling companies in the in the [banner_entry_middle]

br business of books . Both the companies are having turtle and a hare race in internet book selling


Amazon .com : offers a huge selling of books offering several features top seller lists , auctions , toys and games , DVDs , VHS videos and free e-cards

Bn .com : Books , videos and music market

Strategy Formation

[a] Barnes Nobles : The company has a leadership in traditional and retail book selling having 591 stores . The company entered internet business by launching an online division of book store as AOL book seller with the domain name called as bn .com only in the year 1997 . The web site is a supportive and a propagative tool of marketing to tap new customers . Barnes and Nobles book stores offer sophisticated and comfortable interior which appeal as an interesting feature to consumers

[b] Amazon .com : A successful E-commerce company involved in selling of books . The company signified the identity of e-commerce benefits through selling products on line . The company invests more than 23 of its revenues on advertising , as the company believes , advertising is necessary tool for on line business to building brand image , showcase features , and increase customer base . After the IPO of the company , to ensure the lead , it has offered discounts on books selling and has been one of its successful strategies in increasing the volumes of on line business . Amazon is established and recognised as far superior in application of internet and shopping technology and in terms of personal customer relation and innovative methods of marketing in sustaining the leadership in web selling . Interaction with the customers is assessed to such an extent that 63 of sales s are generated from repeated customers Strategy Change

[a] Barnes Nobles bn .com : The company has partnerships with firefly networks , AOL , Microsoft and HP

[b] Amazon .com : The company maintains that the information is acquired at low cost to build reputation in increasing sales

47 of customers of bn .com have made purchases on Amazon .com while 17 of Amazon customers were recorded as buyers on bn .com

Amazon generates action-oriented excessive event management in training its employees , personalized email services , offers good information about the company by displaying Annual Reports of the company on the web site

4 . Comparison

sno Bn .com Amazon .com

1 Recognised as `World ‘s biggest book store . Recognised as `Earth ‘s largest book store

2 With the brand name of Barnes and Nobles , the company has a long-stand leadership in book selling in U… [banner_entry_footer]

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