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Beethovens 5th symphony

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Music beyond the Grandeur of Words and Emotions : Beethoven ‘s Fifth Symphony

Beethoven ‘s Symphony No . 5 in C Minor (1808 ) will forever be in the list of the best classical music ever made because it is not only unique , but it draws much emotion from the listeners . Each note is so unalike in character , essentially composed side by side . Encyclopaedia Britannica (2006 ) described it as a visionary work ‘ that is unified by the famous four-note motive that permeates all four movements in one form or another . The scherzo and finale are joined [banner_entry_middle]

, and an explosion of C major in the last movement is celerated with three trombones (possibly their first use in a symphony , piccolo , and contrabassoon . Thus Beethoven ‘s Fifth Symphony possess not only is a grandiose musical extravaganza , but it was carefully constructed with relentless logic and rhythmic drive that is proved Beethoven ‘s mature musical style

Often dubbed as one of the greatest composers ever known , Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827 ) was a German composer who propelled himself at the pedestal of musical legends in the period between the Classical and Romantic eras . He lived for 21 years in Bonn , where his father and grandfather served as musicians at the court of the Electorate of Cologne . He was already composing by the age of 11 . By 1784 he held an official appointment as organist , assisting his teacher Christian Gottlob Neefe . At the end of 1792 Beethoven went to Vienna to study with Joseph Haydn . He remained there for the rest of his life (Wyn Jones 1998 ,

. 6 . During his first five years in Vienna he made his reputation as a pianist , and it was primarily music for the piano – sonatas , variations , a variety of chamber works and two concertos – that occupied him as a composer . This began to change in the late 1790s . He wrote three string trios , six quartets and finally his First Symphony which was performed in his first important concert , in 1800 . As his fame grew , so did his ambition . In the winter of 1800-01 he completed a large and successful ballet , Die Geschtzpfe des Prometheus two years later in 1802-3 , he wrote an oratorio , Christus am Oelberge . And during 1803 he began work on his first opera (Holoman 1997 ,

. 11-13

Having risen in the Classical traditions of Haydn and Mozart Beethoven ‘s art reaches out to encompass the new spirit of humanism expressed in the works of literature and in the ideals of the French Revolution . This is where Beethoven draws his music as he is wallowed in the passionate concern for the freedom and dignity of the individual Moreover , Beethoven revealed more vividly than any of his predecessors the power of music to convey a philosophy of life without the aid of a spoken text and in certain of his compositions is to be found the strongest assertion of the human will in all music , if not in all art Though not himself a Romantic , he became the fountainhead of… [banner_entry_footer]

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