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Behavior of employees

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A Case Study : Employee Behavior

Jeanne Lewis of Staples , Inc

The MBA Toolbox defines influencing as , changing another person ‘s attitudes without using force or authority (p .1 . When force or authority is used the implication is that the influence is unethical Influence is achieved ethically by engendering trust . For managers and executives influencing behavior should be thought of as an ongoing two-way , process

Jeanne Lewis of Staples , Inc . was able to ethically influence her organization by adapting her own style and by listening to and learning from her employees [banner_entry_middle]

at all levels of the organization . It is impossible to institute effective change within an organization without being well-connected to the organization itself . The Harvard case study about the career of Jeanne Lewis shows that it is possible to change a corporation through interpersonal relationships , dialogue and patience

The Company

Despite the ill-fated merger with Office Depot in 1997 , Staples Inc was a company that exhibited a track record of consistent growth by the time Jeanne Lewis was hired into the marketing department . Strong leadership from the top had characterized Staples rise to prominence

Despite Staples ‘ track record of success , Jeanne Lewis sensed the need for change within the organization . As she moved through various positions in the company she only became more convinced of this . If Staples was going to meet its ‘ aggressive goals a more integrative organizational approach was needed . But how could she put her ideas forward ? Upon Todd Krasnow ‘s exit , Lewis would be the new leader Krasnow was universally respected , and any change from his philosophy could meet with resistance

Promoting Change

Ethical and effective change within an organization is a function of trust . Jeanne Lewis understood this . She also saw influencing change as a process . Gaining influence by dishonest means could have been done in an instant , but Lewis knew this would benefit no one in the long run

Lewis influenced people first by being open and honest , and second by putting herself in the shoes of her employees . When the time for change came , they were ready to go along with her because they trusted her commitment to them and the company

Jeanne Lewis did not try to propose significant organizational change as soon as she had the idea . She paved the way for change over a number of years . She learned every detail she could about the operation of the company , and became well liked and respected . One co-worker in Suesse ‘s case study Jeanne Lewis at Staples , Inc , describes Lewis this way

Jeanne ‘s charm could be disarming . She worked really hard and her

personality motivated you . She tended to manage tightly at first

then loosened the reins . She challenged us a lot and invited us to

challenge each other (p .4

Jeanne ‘s personality and open nature engendered trust among those who worked with her . But it was also clear to everyone that she knew the business , and could succeed in any position within it . This feeling was not earned… [banner_entry_footer]

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