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Biology-Exotic Invasive Species

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21 June 2005

Purple Loosestrife : A Bird ‘s Eye View

The term exotic species is one of the most common terms , which we usually encounter especially when dealing with various s that deal with the field of biology , ecology , and other science fields of even nature

Exotic species , as defined by any lexicon , actually refers to those species that have originated from another geographic region and has been introduced to an area outside its natural range (Lecture Notes in FBS 2001

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is necessary and imperative to study the nature of exotic species so as to effectively and efficiently control the negative implications it has to the natural environment

For the purpose of this , it is the aim of the author to discuss the nature of exotic species , particularly that of the Purple Loosestrife . Likewise , it is also the objective of the author to trace how it was introduced to various regions of North America and the state of Michigan as well as present the various economic and environmental problems associated with its introduction . Also , the author will present the control mechanisms being used today in managing at a controllable range the spread of invasive exotic species like Purple Loosestrife

According to various references , the Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria ) is an exotic perennial plant that is usually found thriving in the wetland ecosystem of North America . It is described as a plant which possess pinkish to purple flowers , simple to opposite or whorled leaves , branches with soft hair or pubescence , and roots which are noted to appear thick and woody in mature species . These species are usually observed to grow at an average of 2 meters in height and 1 .5 meters in diameter . It was also noted that this specific group of exotic species flowers during the months of July and August (Skinner et . al , 1994

As mentioned earlier , the Purple loosestrifes are usually observed to inhabit the wetland ecosystem . They can also be seen thriving along the roadsides , irrigation ditches , drainage , and moist agricultural lands Its seeds can be easily transmitted by means of man-made and natural disturbances to wit : digging , carried by means of fur or feather of animals , wind and other forms of physical activities of even nature

According to various references , the seed of the above-mentioned species begins to establish ones life with the aid of water . However its successful transition to the seedling stage is usually observed upon the species successful establishment of oneself on a moist type of soil (Skinner et . al , 1994

The Purple loosestrife was first introduced to North America in the year 1800s and it is said that this was made possible by means of the relatively easy transfer of its seeds through ship ballasts and various activities associated with trade , as explicitly shown via the introduction of imported goods such as furs , raw wool and the like (http /www .lakeheadca .com

Purple loosestrife is actually indigenous to Eurasia . It was later on introduced… [banner_entry_footer]

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