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black social movements

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Black Social Movements

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Black Social Movements

The political and social structure of the United States can be difficult to comprehend . How does one rationalize that in 1776 , America declared its independence from England by stating , in part that We hold these truths to be self-evident , that all men are created equal , that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights , that among these are Life , Liberty , and the pursuit of Happiness ‘ yet , in 1818 in the very same country [banner_entry_middle]

, Frederick Douglass is born a slave (Jefferson , 2004

. 612 Library . It appears that under certain circumstances , it is not self-evident that the Right to Liberty is unalienable . Fortunately , America has progressed , and while it would be difficult to support the position that Blacks have arrived at a point of complete equity with Whites , it is safe to say that giant strides have been made , but these strides have required action in the form of organized social movements

Blumer (1939 ) stated that social movements can be viewed as collective enterprises to establish a new of life . They have their inception in the condition of unrest , and derive their motive power on one hand from dissatisfaction with the current form of life , and on the other hand , from wishes and hopes for a new scheme or system of living (p 199 . This analysis captures the meaning and significance of today ‘s Black social movements : that while the Black community now enjoys an increased equality and level of privilege when compared with what it was allowed in the recent past , there remains significant ground to be covered before true parity can be reached . The awareness of this need within the Black community has created both unrest and dissatisfaction but past successes in the fight for social equality have nurtured a desire for even more change

One of the most influential areas of modern , American society is the media – specifically television – and it is here that an important social movement can be traced : the increased inclusion of Blacks on T .V During the 1950 ‘s , shows like I Love Lucy , The Honeymooners , and Dick Clark ‘s American Bandstand all premiered (List of years in television Each of these shows featured characters and storylines that dealt with an America that was portrayed as White . Moving into the 1960 ‘s , a time of great advances in the Nation ‘s struggle for racial equality , the television fare featured the premier of The Dick Van Dyke Show , Green Acres , and the original Star Trek (List of years in television . This decade ‘s entertainment also featured a predominantly White world-view however , Star Trek ‘s promise to go where no man has gone before ‘ was as much a testament to the people , issues , and possibilities that were at the forefront of social improvement as it was a reference to space travel (Star Trek : The Original Series . To the credit of Star Trek ‘s creator , Gene Roddenberry , his multi-racial , multi-gender… [banner_entry_footer]

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