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blood clots

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Blood clots


Blood clots are also known as the thrombus which is the result of blood coagulation step in hemostasis . Blood clots are formed through platelets ‘ aggression which makes a platelet plug and the stimulation of the humoral coagulation system . Blood clots noted as a pathologic in terms of thrombosis but then it is physiologic in terms of injury Thrombus signifies blood clotting in the intact blood vessels . It is a big blood vessel that reduces blood flow via that vessel . Moreover , in the case of small blood vessel , the [banner_entry_middle]

blood movement might which may cause death of tissue which provided by the said vessel . If the thrombus extricates and turns out to be free-floating , it becomes an embolus . There are several conditions in which blood clots form which involve atrial fibrillation which is a cardiac arrhythmia ‘s formation heart valve replacement , extension periods of inactivity , a previous heart attack and genetic inadequacies (see Thrombus . Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia . October 11 , 2006 . Blood clots ‘ preventions may decrease the possibility of pulmonary embolism , heart attack and stroke Warfarin and heparin are frequently used to slow and restrain formation and progress of prevailing blood clots which permit our body to decrease and suspend the blood clots by means of usual methods . A thrombus is distinct from haematoma by means of being non-laminar being elastic and brittle has a high haematocrit lacks of circulation (see Thrombus . Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia . October 11 , 2006

The purposes of this study are to (1 ) know what blood clots are (2 be aware on how blood clots do form and (3 ) learn how blood clots treated

II . Discussion

A . About Blood Clots

If the blood vessels are destroyed , the lack of blood from the system should be suspended before shock ‘ occurs and may possibly leads patient ‘s death . It is achieved through the blood ‘s solidification and the said process is termed as coagulation or clotting . Blood clots comprise of a plug of platelets entangled in a group of insoluble fibrin molecules (see Blood Clotting . June 4 , 2005

Moreover , blood clots are the misery and pest of the existence of human beings . The can create strokes and heart attacks and they suspend blood supply to an individual ‘s legs . Many physicians denote this process as thrombosis . Several scientists have extensive researched for a period of time regarding the vascular biology which has an intention to stop thrombosis and cure its consequences yet it continuously serves as a culprit for death causes . Approximately in the past five years , the Mayo cardiovascular researchers continually widened their investigations regarding the vascular biology after they found out that thrombosis formed through interaction of cells exist in the vessel wall and in the circulation of the bloodstream . Dr . Simari stated that

The major focus of our lab is to understand the biological process that narrows blood vessels , both in arthrosclerosis and in re- stenosis . Our aim is to take the biological clues that we learn from our research and use them… [banner_entry_footer]

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