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blue whales

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Blue Whales

The largest mammal in the world and the largest animal ever known to have live on earth is believed to be the Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus . An average individual weighs 100 tons (90 metric tons ) and is 70 feet (21m ) long . At the American Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML the longest whale measured by scientists was 29 .9 m long (98 ft ) – about the same length as a Boeing 737 airplane , and is believed to be in excess of 180 tons (200 metric tons . The female blue whales are somewhat [banner_entry_middle]

larger than the males . It gives birth to a calf that averages 25 ft in length and weighs about 2 tons . Everyday , the calf drinks about 106 gallons of milk during the first seven months of its life . An average adult pumps 2500 gallons of blood and burns 3 million calories a day

The Blue Whales ‘ upperparts of the body are mottled blue-gray and its undersides are whitish or light yellow . The dorsal finis relatively small , visible only briefly when diving .3 Speeds of 50 km /hr (30mph over short burst were recorded among the whales when interacting with other whales , but 20 km /hr (12mph ) is its more typical travelling speed They slow down to 5 km /hr (3mph ) when feeding

In most oceans around the world , Blue Whales were said to be abundant until the beginning of the 20th century . Whalers hunted them almost to extinction for the first 40 years of that century . It is only in 1966 that the International community outlawed the hunting of the species .1 A report on 2002 estimated that Blue whales worldwide were 5 ,000 to 12 ,000 . The largest population of Blue Whales was in the Antarctic before they were overexploited due to whaling


In the 19th century , the sailing-vessel whalers only occasionally hunted Blue Whales . In the second half of that century , the introduction of steam power made it possible for boats to overtake the large fast-swimming blue whales and rorquals . By the early 1870 ‘s , most of the technology for modern ‘ whaling was available and factory ships were added in the early 20th century . This includes the invention of the exploding harpoon gun which revolutionized the whaling industry . The said industry began to focus on blue whales after 1900

Blue Whales in the Southern Hemisphere portion were protected beginning in1939 . In 1955 , under the International Convention for regulation of Whaling , they were given complete protection in the North Atlantic and this was extended to the Antarctic in 1965 and the North Pacific in 1966

Blue Whales are protected under both the Endangered Species Act (ESA (as an endangered species ) and the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA


In all oceans of the world , Blue Whales maybe found . They migrate to tropical-to-temperate waters during winter months to mate and give birth to calves

Blue whales have been seen north of Svalbard , 1500km from the North Pole , and along the Ross Ice Shelf edge , the most southerly… [banner_entry_footer]

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