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Bob Nardelli (Home Depot)

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Bob Nardelli : An Effective Manager of Home Depot

According to Robbins and Coulter (2005 , effective managers all over the world acknowledge the role that strategic management plays in their organization ‘s performance . Moreover , Drucker (2004 ) said that the gauge of an effective manager or executive is the ability to get the right things done . This typically entails doing what other individuals have ignored in addition to avoiding what is unproductive . Imagination intelligence , and knowledge might all be wasted in an executive job without the attained habits of mind that form them into [banner_entry_middle]


I believe that Bob Nardelli is exhibiting these characteristics and management style of an effective manager as he leads Home Depot to become continually successful in its operations . As he triumphed over various problems in managing the company and a s a result oh his managerial strategy , Home Depot is now has now increased sales by 60 percent and earnings per share by 105 percent (Business Week Online 2006

During his first day as CEO at Home Depot in the year 2000 , the company has various problems to deal with , some of which , were as follows : it lacked the necessary infrastructure to send even a companywide electronic mail , Home Depot stores were already run-down and was being known as a store with poor customer service , the stores ‘ shipments were logged using pencil and clipboard , and Home Depot stores did not have automated inventory systems (Sellers , 2001

Being a visionary leader that he is , Nardelli believed that better processes must lead to better quality ad higher profits for Home Depot He employed strategic management in planning to improve the company . As asserted by Robbins and Coulter (2005 , the prevailing belief in management theory and society on the whole is that managers are completely responsible or accountable for an organization ‘s success or failure . However , Nardelli demonstrated that aside from the fact that much of an organization ‘s success or failure is because of external forces outside of the manager ‘s control , the manager has a big responsibility in making decisions for the success of the organization

A major component of Nardelli ‘s far-reaching move to reform Home Depot which is considered to be the world ‘s third-largest retailer , into a more centralized company , include importing people , ideas , and platitudes from the military (Business Week Online , 2006 . This might be an unwelcome concept in management circles however , Nardelli couldn ‘t care less . He believes that it is a vital aspect of his strategy to lead in a cumbersome 2 ,048-store chain and get ready for its next leg of growth (Business Week Online , 2006

In an uncertain and dynamic environment , real world organizations employ strategic decision-making when making decisions offers managers with a comprehensive and systematic means for taking into consideration the external environment , concentrating on an organization ‘s strength reducing weaknesses , and recognizing opportunities in which an organization can have a competitive edge (Shafritz Hyde , 2004 . As maintained by Holstein (2004 , the Nardelli decision-making model might help create… [banner_entry_footer]

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