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Book analysis of Complications: A Surgeon`s Notes On An Imperfect Science

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Complications : A Surgeon ‘s Notes On An Imperfect Science

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Complications : A Surgeon ‘s Notes On An Imperfect Science

Are doctors perfect ? Does the population perceive them as incapable of mistakes ? Isn ‘t medicine a perfected web of technology disallowing mistakes to be made ? Atu Gawande (2002 ) states , It is an imperfect science , an enterprise of constantly changing knowledge , uncertain information , fallible individuals , and at the same time lives on the line (pg . 7 . How [banner_entry_middle]

can medicine be imperfect ? These are questions requiring answers

Medical Fallibility

The fallibility of medicine has been well kept secret among doctors the world over (Atu Gawande , 2002 . Gorovitz and MacIntyre (1976 ) believe the knowledge of medicine is not all inclusive . Furthermore , health care professionals make mistakes due to lack of progress in the medical arena pertaining to that particular patient ‘s ailments (Gorovitz and MacIntyre , 1976 . Within the first part of the Atu Gawande ‘s book fallibility is discussed at length . The art of medicine is not the knowledge of what to do it is the willingness to try no matter what the odds are (Charles , 1989 . A doctor is just as susceptible to second guessing themselves as any lay person (Ghosh , 2004 . This potential for greatness comes living with uncertainty and proceeding forward without hesitation . Gawande (2002 ) states Every day surgeons are faced with uncertainties (pg . 15 . The trick is to continue with the objective in mind and do not become dissuaded from the task at hand due to naysayers (Ghosh , 2004

The factors contributing to the fallibility of medicine is the prior emotional influences of the patient and the physician , differing values and errors of modern technology (Ghosh , 2004 . Furthermore , physician fallibility cannot be completely eliminated (Ghosh , 2004 . However , it can be reduced to a comfortable level producing a minimum amount of angst for both the patient and the physician (Ghosh , 2004 . This is done by applying strategies are used by many and denounced by

These strategies include relying on the most basic of clinical principles (Ghosh , 2004 . History taking and involving the patient with the decision making process are two strategies used to reduce the level of fallibility (Ghosh , 2004

Medical Mysteries

The second of discussion found in the book is Medical Mysteries Who would ever think medical mysteries exist in this modern age of technology ? Gawande (2002 ) presents several mysterious occurrences that defy the laws of medicine . One is the fallacy of the of the full moon phenomenon . Gawande (2002 ) states .one thing that has been shown is that human beings commonly imagine patterns (whether good or bad ) where really there are (pg . 111 . Although several research studies have taken place with a full moon at the apex of the study , there has not been any links made between increased lunacy and the full moon (Gawande , 2002

Martin , Kelly , and Saklofske (1992 ) believe many different vehicles are responsible for the myth of the… [banner_entry_footer]

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