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Book Report – Raphael Patai, The Arab Mind

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Patai ‘s The Arab Mind : Promoting Global Misunderstanding Much has been depicted about the Arabs and their known conservative culture and lifestyle . Most often , they are misrepresented and misunderstood for their stringent affinity to their religion and tradition . That ‘s why most Westerners have little knowledge about these people . Especially during the height of the notoriety of Al-Qaeda and the September 11 attacks , people around the world developed prejudice towards the Arab people as a whole

With this , Raphael Patai ‘s book The Arab Mind had summoned controversy all over the [banner_entry_middle]

world recently . First published in 1973 , The Arab Mind appeared into the spotlight when Seymour Hersh , investigating torture at Abu Ghraib exalted the book as the bible of neocons on Arab behavior (Hersh , 2004 . As a Hungarian-born Jew and an ardent Zionist , Patai describes the Middle East as a monolithic cultural area ‘ with no plurality of differences , and portrays Arabs as evasive shifty , indifferent , deceptive , and careless individuals , who are exceptionally and intrinsically susceptible to humiliation and indignation . In fact , in the foreword by of the 2002 edition of The Arab Mind by Atkine , he cites that

Patai devoted a large portion of this book to the Arabic language , its powerful appeal , as well as its inhibiting effects . The proneness to exaggeration he describes was amply displayed in the Gulf war by the exhortations of Saddam Hussein to the Arabs in the “mother of all battles ” This penchant for rhetoric and use of hyperbole were a feature of the Arab press during the war . The ferocity of the Arab depiction of Iraqi prowess had American experts convinced that there would be thousands of American casualties . Even when the war was turning into a humiliating rout , the “Arab street ” was loath to accept this reality as fact (Patai , 2002

Bearing almost a similar mindset , the commentary by Douglas Kupersmith published by the School of Advanced Airpower Studies , purports that the Arab culture commonly exhibits a strong disdain for manual labor and to leave things undone until the last possible minute ‘ Truly enough Patai ‘s main argument lies in the setting of the Arab world as one of a handful of nations paying cash for the best military hardware , while relying heavily on outside expertise to keep their modern forces operational (O ‘Neil Ortiz , 2005 . Thus , the US occupation of Muslim land is seen as essentially picking up where intrinsic Arab weakness left off . He even declared that because Arabs are lazy and passive , it follows that all colonization of industry (or of nations themselves in the Middle East ) are in fact provoked by those who cannot help themselves (O ‘Neil-Ortiz , 2005

These statements caused a stir since they reek of racial slurs against the Arabs . Consisting of more than 200 million people living mainly in 21 countries , they are collectively known as the Arabs . They constitute the overwhelming majority of the population in Saudi Arabia , Syria Yemen , Jordan , Lebanon , Iraq , Egypt , and the nations of North Africa The Arabic language… [banner_entry_footer]

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