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Business 105( Principles of Organizational Behavior

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Learning is a key process in human behavior . It pervades every thing we do and think . It plays a central role in the language we speak , our custom , our attitudes and beliefs , our goals , our personality traits both adaptive and maladaptive , and even our perceptions . People learn new skills , update old skills , and assimilate vast amounts of information to remain productive , valuable employees in any organization

Learning can be defined as any relatively permanent change in behavior which occurs as a result of practice or experience (Morgan , 1981 . It is [banner_entry_middle]

an important principle that “learned ” behavior is not pre-programmed or wholly instinctive , even if an instinctual drive underpins it . In other words , Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge , skills attitudes , or values , through study , experience , or teaching . Learning causes a change of behavior that is persistent , measurable , and specified or allows an individual to formulate a new mental construct or revise a prior mental construct

Examples of learning- The most basic learning process is imitation one ‘s personal repetition of an observed process , such as a smile . There are many ways by which we learn . For example : Non-formal learning takes place when we learn by coming together with people having similar interests and exchanging viewpoints , in clubs or in (international youth organizations , workshops . In an organization , E-learning is a one way that encompasses a rich set of educational solutions online web-based lessons , interactive live streaming media video /audio-on-demand , or collaborative meetings . Through E-learning companies and organizations are increasing employee ‘s efficiency and empowering their workforces to keep pace with a rapidly changing market


1 ) Morgan Clifford T , King Richard A , Robinson Nancy M , Introduction to Psychology Sixth Edition Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited 1981… [banner_entry_footer]

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