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Business 2

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The External Environment


There is no direct competition , because even though there are stores in the mall that sells different kinds of things . Electronics , clothes and music on the first floor . Books , videos games and furniture on the second floor . Food , toys , shoes on the third floor . Computer disks thimbles , exotic furniture , movies , bed clothes , on the fourth . Desks products , hairbrushes and others on the fifth floor . Appliances on the sixth floor and Hair cutters and fur coats on the seventh . No other stores offer a personalized gift basket as [banner_entry_middle]

the one that is offered by the company

Political /Legal Economic The good thing about small businesses is that they are tax exempted giving the company a good support because instead of allotting money to paid for taxes , the company can now use the amount to improve and add new things in the shop that will make it more attractive and relaxing to the customer that will visit the shop

Social / Cultural

There are so many occasion that people always celebrate from Birth to Death such as birthdays , anniversaries , graduations , wedding and christening Holidays and Special Days like New Years Day , Valentines Day , Mother ‘s Day , Father ‘s Day , Graduation Day , Thanksgiving and Christmas . Some people also send gifts on ordinary days to give thanks comfort , support and others

Now that we live in a fast paced world where everything is instant from coffee to sending mails . People are looking for ways to express their feelings in a creative personalized way . That is the expertise of our company . Through the personal gifts which the customer can personally choose , our expert staff can create a gift basket that is creative and personalized for them


Using the internet we can spread the message about our company . The virtual shop that was created in the internet can help the company to succeed not only locally but internationally . The company can have them placed their s online and arrange shipping and delivery of the product wherever they maybe… [banner_entry_footer]

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