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Business – Industrial Relations

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CBA Case Analysis

September 24 , 2006

According to the case study , the collective bargaining agreement previously stated that employees were to be paid double time regardless of the employee ‘s schedule . A number of provisions were made to the CBA from its existence and in December 2000 the organization determined that workers who were on a five day , eight hour a week schedule would not longer be qualified to receive double time for those hours over fifty

Since the organization in turn determined in the court case that paying more than [banner_entry_middle]

in required by the CBA was being performed , the organization felt it was their right to abandon the payment of double time to union workers . According to Carrell and Heavrin (2006 “The changing relationships in the workplace have taken their toll on the traditional collective bargaining and labor relations processes (1 ) A number of changing relationships within the workplace exist that can alter the procedures of organizations and how the organization operates on a daily basis

The organization should be fair to all employees within the organization and appropriate negotiations should be made to ensure all employees regardless of schedule , are paid fairly and adequately . Failure to do so could bring a number of lawsuits to the organization and show employees the organization is not operating in the employee ‘s best interest . The organization should make an effort to ensure fair wages are paid to all employees , regardless of the employees ‘ schedule

One way to reduce the number of arguments is to have clear objectives and definitions outlined regarding overtime and payment . Making these distinctions can resolve issues and reduce inquiries or negotiations Though employees were aware that overtime pay was double time when accepting the position , it may be necessary for employees to renegotiate terms with the organization in for the issues to be resolved . The organization should pay fairly to all employees and employees should be willing to accept the changes made within the organization

Had the organization waited until renegotiations of the CBA occurred legal issues may have been avoided . In response to the idea that the CBA had not been renegotiated in three years , more questions can arise . Why was the CBA not renegotiated ? Did the union workers have the option to request a renegotiation ? If so , why was it not requested ? Why would the organization make a modification to the CBA regarding wages prior to the renegotiation of the CBA ? Since the CBA had verbiage associated with overtime wages , why did the organization feel it was in their best interest to notify employees of a change prior to the renegotiation ? The renegotiation of the CBA needs to be evaluated to determine when it should occur and if no renegotiations in three years is suitable for the organization and employees

If the parties did not know why the organization began paying double time for the five day weekly scheduled workers , and it was due to a payroll clerk error , the payroll clerk should be… [banner_entry_footer]

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