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business law /torts

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Essay : business law /torts

Title : What are the possible accounting and legal issues of e-business in relation to intellectual property , privacy , ethics and security

Accounting is defined as the language of business and it has something to with the preparation and interpretation of financial statement of business entities . Closely related therefore is income taxation of said entities which require preparation of income statements . Accounting issues therefore on e-business would refer to all matters including those having to do with financial statements . Alberta efuturecentre 2005 , tell us about credit card and charge [banner_entry_middle]

backs as follows

Credit cards can be a convenient means of accepting payment , but they may not be treated the same as money up front . You should be aware that in many jurisdictions , the purchaser can deny the agreement and obligation unless the credit card is physically present at the time of sale . Of course , with e-commerce the card is not present , so “chargebacks ” can be a problem . A chargeback results when a customer asks his or her credit card company to reverse the charges on a purchase

From the accounting point of view , tangible business documents are necessary to support accounting transactions like checks and bank statements to make proper reconciliations . The fluidity or speed with which transactions could take place locally and internationally because of the internet will really have to require a flexible accounting treatment or standards to be able to make financial reports . Moreover traditional accounting waits financial reports to advice decisions makers on what to do with company ‘s performance the previous year . But the present level of technology in e-commerce could afford an online financial information which enhances if not necessitate swift decision making

On the legal issues , Alberta efuturecentre , 2005 , talks of jurisdiction which refer to legal authority to hear and decide a business case . With e-commerce , the localized jurisdiction would seem to force nations to enact or have treaties that would hasten the speed of designation and redefinition of jurisdiction especially in transactions across two or more nations done internationally . The question of what country should take jurisdiction would force legal theorists to really enhance it availability to would be victim of business frauds

As to ethical and security issues of e-business , Alberta efuturecentre mentions about Distribution and Pyramid Schemes . It admits of common practice of multi-level marketing and distribution schemes online business . Alberta efuturecentre suggests that it is necessary to understand the legalities before proceeding with any plans in this area It cautions that many online distribution arrangements may in fact be illegal pyramid schemes and one really needs to obtain legal advice before setting up any such arrangement or entering into one . It leaves the following advice : If it sounds too good to be true , it usually is People in e-business could just be fraudulent as any ordinary cheater if one does not have the application of good business sense and common sense combined (Alberta efuturecentre , 2005

As to intellectual property issues , Alberta efuturecentre , 2005 discusses the ones… [banner_entry_footer]

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