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Business Presentations

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Business Presentations 2006

When preparing business presentations , there is the temptation to use as much technology and visual aid to give the presentation the extra oomph in to attract and retain audience attention . However care must be taken such that these aids do not overpower or even derail the presentation

For example , according to Tessler (2006 , in a bid to show off technology know-how , a presenter may want to use three-dimensional graphs for presenting simple data . This is not advisable , as they make it more difficult for the audience to [banner_entry_middle]

grasp the point . A simple chart or table will do for this purpose . Also , more often than not , an infrared remote has the tendency to fail during a presentation even if it worked perfectly during rehearsal (Howard , 2002 ,

.75 . A simple low-tech approach of hardwiring your laptop to your projector is better

The following are the best-known rules of thumb for presentations

Make sure the audience can read your slides from the back of the room as well as from the front row . You need to make characters large enough for this , typically Use bullet points with short phrases rather than wordy sentences . Usually a maximum of five bullet points per page (Tessler 2006 ,


Keep fancy fonts and brightly colored backgrounds to a minimum because they make slides less readable . High-contrast color combinations are best especially light text on a dark backdrop . For example , yellow on blue (Tessler , 2006 ,


According to a June 16 article on PC Magazine Online , `the best sound effect is and the best slide transition is , followed by a simple wipe or dissolve (Davis , 2004 . This is because , unless used sparingly , sound and motion s can distract from your message . Fancy transitions have the tendency of getting tiresome after the first couple

Finally , prepare for big mistakes like dropping your laptop before or during the presentation by making a copy of your presentation (on CD or any other removable storage medium . Add cap off your presentation with a final slide showing the title , you name and email address (Howard 2002 ,


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