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Canadian Immigration History

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The Role of Immigration in Shaping Canadian National Culture

Canadian educator and philosopher of popular culture Marshall McLuhan coined the famous expression the medium is the message ‘ Canada has become a medium to broadcast an urgent message to the whole wide world which is a message of tolerance and understanding . This it delivers by the living example it sets of relative openness to welcome all the peoples of the world to live and work within its peaceful and prosperous society . McLuhan also was the first to use the now widely used phrase [banner_entry_middle]

the global village . We live in a world that is increasingly becoming a global village . One of the greatest challenges facing every society of today is how to live in a culturally diverse world . Canada , being a predominantly multicultural , multi-ethnic society , a nation of immigrants that has had a long tradition as a country shaped by immigrants , can lead the way to a better future for the world , a future based on understanding , cooperation and coexistence between people of all nations

Canada is a vast territory , much larger than its continental neighbor to the south . The history of Canada is one of immigration and the gradual filling up of empty spaces . Today , Canada constitutes 10 provinces and three territories , stretching from the Atlantic in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west . In the north it extends up to the frozen lands of the Arctic circle . Though having come from different parts of the world , the people of these provinces and territories are united in the spirit of one nation (Cheng 31

Over the past century , millions of people hailing from all the various continents have made Canada their home . Canada has a solid reputation of being a friendly welcoming country and a tradition of openness . In our present day , Canada has become one of the most sought after destinations for international immigrants , particularly from Asian countries . The reason for this is obvious : Canada is a thriving nation that ranks near at the top of United Nations ‘ `quality of living ‘ index

On the other hand , Canada ‘s stature in the twentieth century as a prosperous member of the international state system with a developed economy and skilled labor force is a largely attributable to immigration . Canada has been built by successive waves of immigrants and their contribution to the country is central to its identity and history

The annual influx of immigrants in Canada hovers around an average of 200 ,000 , and comprises of an impressive array of people from various national , cultural and ethnic backgrounds . Individuals looking to be a part of a multi-ethnic , multi-cultural society can find Canada especially attractive . Among the top ten countries of origin for immigrants to Canada are China , India , the Philippines , Taiwan , S Korea , Poland and Russia

Canadian culture , as that of any society , is shaped by its population base . In Canada fully 16 to 18 of the population is foreign-born compared to 2 .2 among the 12 EC countries… [banner_entry_footer]

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