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Capital Punishment

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CApital Punishment



Capital punishment is one of the most debatable subjects in what concerns the legal systems in the world today . The debates cover all aspects of the issue its moral and ethical ground , its practicability its effectiveness , and how it is viewed from the angle of human rights

The most important factor is that both sides of the debate have strong and convincing elements supporting their claims . This makes reaching a conclusion on the subject harder and , in some cases , unacceptable to others . The moral debate over [banner_entry_middle]

capital punishment is strikingly and uniquely robust . In most matters of public policy , people on either side usually can find some consensus among them (Mandery 1 DO WE NEED THE DEATH PENALTY

According to Mandery , there are three kinds of arguments regarding the death penalty : the Utilitarian arguments , which are appeals to the common good ‘ as punishment is supposed to have a future benefit the Retributive arguments , which are appeals to desert ‘ as offenders should get what they deserve and the Egalitarian arguments , which are appeals to equity ‘ as the death penalty should be implemented on all people regardless of race or any social classifications (1-2

In modern societies , many new situations and conditions arise which should be dealt with accordingly for the best of all . This is exactly the reason why the different sides of the debate are attempting to find the right answers . Is it right to execute someone , if he /she took the life of someone else ? What special precautions should be taken to make sure that the death penalty is implemented solely on guilty people ? Who is to determine if the death penalty should be the method of punishment And , are there different kinds , or levels , of evidence that should be required before taking the decision of punishing someone with the death penalty ? There are different open questions that should be addressed by those who have the responsibility to use or to abolish the death penalty

A growing number of people think that the capital punishment is inhumane and also ineffective in what concerns crime deterrence . Another thought is that the use of death penalty is against the eighth amendment to the constitution of United States which states that no cruel and unusual punishment is to be inflicted . Then , there is the dark idea that someone who is innocent might be the victim of the system

Some confirm that the death penalty should be used as a tool to deter `prospective ‘ criminals from killing in this case the punishment is more a threat than it is a legal punishment instrument . Others confirm that no one has the right to take someone else ‘s life , and that governments should not accept murder , as they call it , as a method of pursuing justice

Do we need the death penalty ? Certainly we need to fight crime and to protect human lives and dignity , but is death penalty the right way This is still an open question

WHERE DEATH PENALTY… [banner_entry_footer]

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