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Capital Punishment in the United States

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Capital Punishment in the United States 6Capital Punishment , or the Death penalty concerns the execution of convicted criminal by a State as punishment for capital crimes or

capital offences . Capital , derives from the Latin word Capitalis

which means concerning the heads ‘ to be subjected to capital

punishment means to lose your head . The history of punishing criminals

or political opponents was used by all to punish the crime and to

suppress political opinions . Democratic countries mostly European and

Latin American have abolished the [banner_entry_middle]

use of Capital Punishment all except

For United States , Guatemala , and most of the Caribbean . Africa and

Asia still utilizes the practice in most of its democracies . The

practice is still used in most non-democratic countries I am against the Capital Punishment . I feel that it violates

the human ‘s dignity and rights . I believe it is a barbaric

unconstitutional and uncivilized . I find it immoral in principal , and

discriminatory . It can ensure an innocent person ‘s demise with no

possible way of compensating the family for this mismanagement of

justice . Another danger is the convicted person may have actually

killed and may admit having done so however , does not agree that the

killing was murder . It is highly possible that people are convicted of

murder when they should have been convicted of manslaughter

A second argument , which can be overlooked are the family

members of the convicted criminal . They are going through hell as they

wait during the time leading up to and during the execution , which will

cause them serious emotional trauma after the execution . It is often

very difficult for the convicted criminals family to come to terms with

the horrible fact that a loved member of their family could be guilty

Capital Punishment in the United States

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to death because of this crime . However , strongly someone may feel

for the death penalty , I feel that two wrongs do not make a right . The

suffering of the victim ‘s family in a murder case should never be

denied and is certainly valid

I believe there must be a concern that the state can

give out the death penalty justly , most countries have a poor record of

this . In America , a convict can be put on death row for many years (An

average of 11 years in 2004 ) waiting for the outcome of appeals better

if the convicted criminal is wealthy or white rather than ethnic not to

be repressed of the actual crimes they committed which could be

forgotten by the time of the final decision

Racism is also claimed in the administration of the death

Penalty , statistics show that white criminals are more likely to be put

on the death penalty than ethnic criminals . I believe it should be

known that criminals are real people too with regular lives , who are

capable to feel pain , fear , and… [banner_entry_footer]



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