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Challenges and Strengths

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Challenges and Strengths 1 . Challenges and strengths of post positivism and postmodernism

Post positivism

Post positivism denotes a reconsideration of natural science as a subject-oriented activity and a reconstruction of natural sciences . Post positivist social science fulfills two major requirements : it has to be reflexively theoretical for considering its own assumptions

The strength of post positivist social science is that it is methodologically sophisticated . This denotes it integrates the interpretation of meaning and cultural relativism with basic scientific norms of rebuttal , appropriate explanation and sample formation . From the standpoint [banner_entry_middle]

of post positivism history of science is a mixture of subterfuge and rhetoric . It is the end of epistemology

Moreover , post positivism challenges assumptions of logical positivism and empiricism by stating that social science notion cannot be studied with the help of natural science standards


Postmodernism has emerged as the end of philosophical self-delusion and the final liquidation of a basic thought . It is abolished as relativistic and irrational . The strength of postmodernism in comparison to modernism and positivism is that it rejects all ideologies and theories relying on intuition and emotion

There exist two challenges of postmodernism . The first one is the statement that science has a great importance as knowledge . It is an epistemological one . The second one is the universality , in other words the generalization of statements or claims

The strength of postmodernism is that knowledge is socially grounded Some researches claim that one can have a foundation of knowledge others state that everything is relative . Nevertheless , the argument for the epistemological point of view challenges the notion of social science in general meaning Summarizing , post positivism and postmodernism are two epistemological models that challenge the way of conducting a research from the standpoint of empiricism

2 . Conclusion

This essay is devoted to the analysis of challenges and strengths of post positivism and postmodernism . In the special attention is paid to ontological , axiological , epistemological , and methodological tenets of post positivism and postmodernism


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