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Introduction to the Movie

The movie Shrek ‘ was released in 2001 . Shrek is a big , grouchy reclusive ogre who lives in the kingdom of Duloc . Lord Farquaad , the ruler of Duloc , has decided to banish all fairy tales and fairy tale beings from the kingdom . Shrek , who has always to live alone in his home in the woods , suddenly finds his place becoming a sort of halfway home for refugee fairy tale beings (like his friend Donkey who talks nonstop ) who have no place to go [banner_entry_middle]

. In to regain his solitary existence , Shrek decides to speak to Lord Farquaad and to convince him to allow the fairy tale beings to return to Duloc . Lord Farquaad agrees but on the condition that Shrek must rescue the beautiful but cursed Princess Fiona who is trapped in a tower and imprisoned by an evil dragon . Shrek agrees , and together with Donkey , they set out to rescue the Princess . Princess Fiona turns out to be cursed – at night , she becomes an ogre herself , and she decides to come stay with Shrek after she is rescued . Shrek and Princess Fiona end up falling in love However , news of Princess Fiona ‘s rescue reaches her parents in Duloc and they summon Princess Fiona to return home . She does , with Shrek in tow , and Princess Fiona in ogre form . She tells her parents that she loves Shrek regardless of who he is and what he looks like , and that he loves her in exactly the same way . Princess Fiona claims that Shrek is her Prince Charming (even if Shrek ‘s kiss , instead of removing the curse , actually made Princess Fiona permanently an ogre

Changes in Shrek ‘s Character throughout the Film

At the start of the movie , Shrek is grouchy ogre who is grouchy and tends to keep to himself . He is not very sociable and doesn ‘t like the company of other fairy tale creatures . At the start of the movie , when Donkey first sets eyes on Shrek ‘s home , Donkey exclaims , Whoa , look at that . Who ‘d wanna live in a place like that ‘ To which Shrek answers That would be my home ‘ Shrek ‘s home after all is like a hovel . It is near a swamp and does not look very clean or hospitable . Donkey after seeing the Keep out ‘ signs surrounding Shrek ‘s home , says You , uh , you don ‘t entertain much , do you ‘ The Keep out ‘ signs indicate that Shrek , at the start of the movie , prefers being alone rather than interacting with other people . He is a reclusive , solitary soul , and this may be why at first he was very grouchy and very blunt with people and other beings he encountered

Shrek affirms this by telling Donkey , I like my privacy ‘ Shrek ‘s isolation can be described as a defense mechanism for the way people react to and treat him . Ogres , after all , are big , green and rather ugly – as can be seen from Shrek… [banner_entry_footer]



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