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Charlie Chaplin, is he comedian? or artist

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Charlie Chaplin : A Comedian or an Artist

Charlie Chaplin was regarded by some people as the best actor of the past half century , while others said he was more than an actor , he was a universal clown . According to Robert Sherwood , motion picture critic Charlie Chaplin is a great artist—and everything else that the intellectuals say he is—but there can never be any doubt of the fact that he is fundamentally a clown ‘ According to an essayist , he made dimples to million [banner_entry_middle]

of cheeks . So he had made more people laugh than any other man who ever lived . His ability to make people laugh made him an artist . And according to one of his great quotations , I remain just one thing , and one thing only – and that is a clown . He further added , My clowning`s realistic , that ‘s why it never goes out of date ‘ That ‘s what made him a great artist . As being an artist is first and foremost about feeling free to create . It is about expressing what is in you , as art is about freedom and creative expression Chaplin had expressed what he want the world to know and even need to express to the people around him . His clowning is about himself , it ‘s telling the people who he really is deep inside and that clowning has made him a great artist

Charlie Chaplin ‘s real name is Charles Spencer Chaplin . He was born from a family of entertainers on April 16 , 1889 , in Walworth , London in England . His father was Charles Spencer Chaplin Sr . while his mother Hannah , without a last name . Both are performers in England . Charlie had one half brothers named Sydney which was four years older than him a son of a former marriage of his mother . Sydney eventually became his first manager (Schuman 10

Charlie ‘s life as an artist started at a very young age . When he was barely three years old , he would sing and dance at parties after his parents` performances . He could also mimic everyone he saw and sing all their songs . When he was five (January 1894 , he made his first music hall performance when his father forced him to sing as a substitute for his mother who was sick . The audience loved him as when his performance was over , the crowd throws money on the stage . Some of the audience said that someday he would be the most famous person in the world (Schuman 11 . And yes it is true , that was the beginning of his journey to being the most famous person in the world

But on the other hand , he had a very unhappy childhood . His father died of alcoholism while his mother was brought to a mental asylum as she was mentally ill , recovered but eventually a breakdown caused her death . So Sidney and Charles were sent to the Hanwell Residential School , an orphanage (Chaplin 30 . But Sidney left shortly to do business in… [banner_entry_footer]

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