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Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Accident

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Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster


Firstly it is necessary to underline that Chernobyl disaster was a serious nuclear explosion taken place at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on the 26th of April , 1986 , time 01 :23 a .m . Chernobyl Power Plant is was situated near Pripyat , Ukraine , in the former Soviet Union . It is apparent that this accident can be considered the worst disaster in the history of the nuclear power (Wasserman 1986 ) It is noted that that radioactive fallout contaminated western parts of Soviet Union , Western and Eastern Union , eastern North [banner_entry_middle]

America , British Isles and Scandinavia Nevertheless , Ukraine , Belarus and Russia were contaminated the most compared with other countries . The accident resulted in resettlement and evacuation of more than 300 ,00o people . According to scientists , about 60 of radioactive contamination landed in Belarus (Wasserman 1986

Concerning the accident it is mentioned that on the 26th of April , 1984 plant ‘s crew were planning to the turbines of the fourth reactor in to find out whether it was able to produce enough energy to run coolant pumps till diesel generator was activated if the external power loss was apparent . Nevertheless , while testing the power appeared to surge unexpectedly and caused in such a way serious nuclear explosion by driving temperatures up to 2 ,000 degrees Celsius . The explosion meted the fuel rods , ignited the graphite covering of reactor and lead to inevitable radiation cloud into the biosphere (Holm 2000

The causes of the accident are dubious as there are several conflicting theories presented by power plant personnel , reactor ‘s designers and especially by governments of the former Soviet Union and Ukraine . The fourth reactor was claimed to have a large positive void coefficient that was too dangerous . In the result the neutrons were slowed down and stem bubbles were formed in the water . As far as steam didn ‘t absorb all the neutrons , it resulted in significant increase in temperature of RBMK reactor . It means that neutrons were able to to split uranium atoms increasing the reactor ‘s power output . It is apparent that the reactor ‘s design turned out to be rather unstable when the levels of power were low and consequently it produced more energy than was needed The crew remained unaware of such circumstances . That was the first official version (Gould 1993

The second version claimed that a more significant flaw was in the design of the control rods that were inserted into the reactor to slow down the reaction (Wasserman 1986 ) The reactor ‘s design envisaged that the end tips of the control rod were of graphite hollowed and filled with water and the rest of the control tips had to absorb the neutrons and halt the reaction . Since the reaction produced boron carbide that rate of fission reaction greatly increased and absorbed fewer neutrons compared with boiling lit water . For the first several seconds the power output of the reactor significantly increased instead of reducing while controlling rod activation . And operation crew failed to… [banner_entry_footer]

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