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Cherokees are the Native Americans of the southeast area belonging to Iroquoian language family group . Major portions of the south east area are controlled by Cherokees before the arrival of Europeans in Northern America . However , The Cherokee called themselves “Ani-Yun-wiya (First European Contact

The Cherokee comprise perhaps the largest tribal group in the United States of America and prior to the advent of the Europeans in North America they were masters of a large region of the Southeast . In extent the territory controlled was so vast that it covered what are at [banner_entry_middle]

present eight Southern states . In colonial America the importance of the role enacted by several Cherokee bands in their contribution to the history of the United States of America , cannot be underestimated . The extent of their prevalence , at one time , can be estimated from the fact that several Americans from different and diverse backgrounds assert that they are descendants of the Cherokee (Waldman , Carl

Cherokee Indians have records of their history that go back a more than a thousand years in time and their main occupations were hunting trading , and agriculture . They lived in towns in comparative isolation to the outside world . All this changed with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors led by Hernando de Sota in 1540 . He passed through the Cherokee territory as a marauder looking for copper and gold . The Spanish were notorious for seeking women and slaves from amongst the native Indians (First European Contact

The dwellings of the Cherokee Indians , who lived in small communities were in general to be found in fertile river bottoms . Their houses were fashioned out of wooden frames , which were enclosed in wicker vines and saplings covered with mud . The villages that these people used to live in used to comprise of around fifty huts made of logs and mud

These huts were constructed around the town square , called the Council House , which was the venue for ceremonial and public meetings that were held regularly . These council houses were seven-sided and this was in to represent the Bird , Paint , Deer , Wolf , Blue , Long Hair , and Wild Potato or in other words the seven clans that comprise the Cherokees . The tribe was led by two chiefs , one during peace time and one during times of war . This rule of the chiefs was not decision making process was such that members of the tribe were permitted to express their opinions

The structure of the Cherokee Indians was matriarchic , with children taking the clan name of their mother . The relationship was based solely on the mother ‘s family . Women had an equal voice in the affairs of the tribe . Marriage was permitted only between members of different clans and property was inherited according to clan association

The late 18th century was witness to the influx of a large number of European settlers . Initially , the Cherokee Indians tried to drive out these people and conducted several fierce battles with these Carolina settlers , but were forced to retreat to the Blue… [banner_entry_footer]

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