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Child development

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My philosophical perspective on the development of children does not follow a single development theory but is rather a conglomeration of the concepts presented by Piaget and Vygotsky . First of all , I do not discount the role that heredity plays in development . Heredity not only plays a role in physical development but a substantial role in cognitive development as well . However , this is not the only developmental determinant . Environment and culture also play significant roles that shape the growing child . Yet , there is one factor still overlooked – [banner_entry_middle]

the child . The child also plays a role . It is the combination of all four of these factors acting equally and simultaneously which aid in the process of development

Heredity and biology have long been seen as determinants . Sigmund Freud was one such theorist which supported this view . This view became challenged , however , with the work of Skinner who placed considerable emphasis on the environment . Both theories , in my estimation , seem to come up short in that they discount the role the child plays in their own development . Freud and Skinner almost seem to perceive the child as a passive receiver of information and influence . Piaget , on the other hand , believes that the child also plays a significant role . He does not declare that the other two sources do not have influence . In fact he says , Mental growth is inseparable from physical growth (Cole 1993 . This largely supports Freud ‘s view . He also believes that the social environment affects a child . This would hold with Skinner ‘s view . But it is the addition of the child ‘s own participation that is the key . Piaget says that , All species inherent two basic tendencies or invariant functions (Woolfolk 2004 . These are organization and adaptation . These psychological structures (or schemes as Piaget would call them ) are the basis for the child ‘s interpretation of the world As more organization takes place in the child ‘s development , new schemes arise which cause behavior to become more and more sophisticated

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These behaviors then are continually adapted to the environment in which the child is exposed . The child makes the adaptations in what Piaget believes is a search for equilibrium or balance . In observing children I too have seen children negotiating their environment in to achieve balance

Let ‘s consider a child named Jack . Jack is seven years old . Jack was learning a new math concept at his elementary school . His teacher gave a lesson which explained the concept and demonstrated for Jack the desired outcome . Before Jack could attempt the task successfully , he first had to organize the information that he had just received and then adapt his mental framework to a point where he can perform . This process could be observed in Jack ‘s body language and his discussion of the procedure with peers . In addition , Jack possibly constructed his development by possibly remembering the mathematical rules a way that is significant to him . In this way , he not only… [banner_entry_footer]

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