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Child Psychology

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Child Psychology

Brazelton , B . T (1992 . Your child ‘s emotional and behavioral development . Touchpoints . New York : Addison-Wesley

T . Berry Brazelton is a well-informed physician with years of experience with many different children , and he shares those experiences concerning every issue faced by families with kids . In this sterile age of managed care , Brazelton offers the kindly , encouraging approach of your own family physician . The basic early childhood stages reveal the stages of child psychology and the effects o such developments to his surroundings such as peers

Damon , W Eisenberg , N [banner_entry_middle]

. Handbook of child psychology . New York : Wiley .Damon highlights in this handbook the theoretical models of human development . Particularly , he gives details on the social psychological , and emotional stages of a child . The child psychology in practice relates how the child reacts to positive and negative peer pressure and how it affects a child accordingly

Gilbert , S (2001 . A field guide to boys and girls . Canada : Harper Trade

New York Times science writer Gilbert answers the wonders and issues concerning gender issues in this handbook . Moreover , he advises readers to move beyond the fear that discovering sex differences will lead to sex biases . The sex differences manifest the differing reactions of male from female when it comes to handling peer pressure

Holmes , G . R (1995 . Helping teenagers into adulthood . Westport , Conn Praeger

The present generations of teenagers are suffering from more demanding and /or negative experiences at an earlier age in their development than previous generations . The result is that more and more teenagers are turning into casualties of drug abuse , juvenile delinquency , and /or mental illness . In this book , George R . Holmes imparts practical approaches and schemes to help teenagers resist peer pressure and what to do when faced with the pressure

Ianni , Francis A . J (1989 . The search for structure : A report on American youth today . New York : Free Press

As the title suggests , this book tackles the challenges American youth is facing today . Ianni illustrates from the study that teens , even with the occurrence of peer pressure , rely on adults for supervision in the important periods of their development . He identifies successful tactics , programs , and community activities for adolescents

Kagan , J (1998 . The gale encyclopedia of childhood and adolescence New York : Gale

Edited by Harvard University professor Kagan , this relatively academic collection of roughly 700 essays on a broad range of studies relating to child development suggests to be a “comprehensive reference work addressed to those interested in human development from birth to adolescence ” The compilation is well thought-out and well arranged with signed entries as well as bibliographies , making it easier for researchers . This accumulation is a good starting point for general researchers especially on the of peer pressure

Stefoff , R (1990 . Adolescence . New York : Chelsea House Publishing

In this book , Stefoff highlights the biological and psychological changes children of ages 10 to 18 undergo . She sums up theories made by Rousseau , Van Gennep , Hall , Piaget , Mead , and Erikson . The writing is plain and formal… [banner_entry_footer]

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