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childcare services for low income families in NY

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Childcare Services for Low Income Families in NY

The level of childcare services is one of the most important determinants of social development . A clear understanding of the public health purpose to be achieved is essential for future generations including their social and economic conditions . Clearly articulated goals help to identify the true purpose of the intervention , facilitate public understanding and debate around legitimate health purposes , and reveal prejudice , stereotypical attitudes , or irrational fear . Childcare is an important part of general health care provisions that is aimed to help low income [banner_entry_middle]

families to receive high quality professional medical and social care for their children

With rapid social change come also a whole range of problems associated with the provision of health and other social services . Today , there are insufficient funds for education programs preventing young parents to continue their education and obtain jobs . Inefficient support services deprive many families a chance to secure and retain employment . The need to work impedes both education and training , tending to reinforce low expectations and to create a large semi-skilled labour force . For the individual it results in an unfamiliar need to rely on groups other than the family . For those in towns occupational provision may or may not be made for creche facilities , education and training schemes

Even if legally required childcare may well not effectively exist or be capable of being enforced . Linda Ostreicher in the article The Working Poor (2004 ) gives the following data concerning a real state of childcare problem in NY . For instance , in 2003 , one in three low-wage full-time workers were under financial pressure unable to pay the bills and their gas , phone , or electricity was turned off (Ostreicher 2004 . Some of them could not pay rent and had to use a food bank or pantry to avoid going hungry (Ostreicher , 2004

In rural areas childcare provisions are much poor . For those left behind in the country the remoteness of the young parents results in additional problems in the care of both the very young and the aged , thus reinforcing their dependence on the family unit and leading to very marked differences in the experience of education between men and women .Recent statistical data suggest that with the decline in real wages and increase in underemployment over the past few years , the number of children living in low-income families is on the rise (Parental Employment in Low-Income Families , 2004 . Many families in NY have income eligibility limits below the poverty level . NY authorities feel public pressure to respond to an urgent childcare needs . In NY the major problems concern income supplements involving child support and tax credits . After several years of consistent growth , the caseload began decreasing-from 1 ,266 ,350 in January 1995 to 1 ,037 ,712 by May 1997 , a decline of 18 percent (Reidinger , et al , 1999 . Lack of special programs for pregnant women and mothers with children also worsens the situation in this region

To be effective and advantageous for the state childcare programs and… [banner_entry_footer]

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