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Children who are very obese by the four may be more likely to have lower IQ

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According to .Term

Children who are very obese by the four may be more likely to have lower IQ

In August 2006 , edition a study was published in The Journal of Pediatrics . According to it – Children who are very obese by age 4 may be more likely to have lower IQ scores . Daniel J . Driscoll , MD , Phd , and his colleagues John T . and Winifred M . Hyward conduct this study

Driscoll is professor of pediatrics and the other two were professor of genetic research at University of Florida . According to them these were [banner_entry_middle]

br preliminary studies , which shows that the obese child has lower IQ than his counterparts . This is evident- that a child get obese due to eating dis , so IQ has nothing to do with obesity , a lean child who eat more may have low IQ . So , we can say that those who eat more have lower IQ . This could be alternative explanation of the finding . As we have seen that whatever is the case , either it is morbid obesity due to Prader-Willi Syndrome , or it may be due to hormonal or metabolic reasons , or it may be any unknown reason . In all the cases , the child tends to be extremely hungry , thus eating a lot . This in turns makes him obese

When the brain MRI of these morbidly children are taken its seen that they have white-matter lesion on their brain , this is common in children suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome , or white-matter lesion is typically found in patients of Alzheimer disease or in children with untreated phenylketonuria . These lesions seem to be affecting food-seeking areas in children leading them to be hungry all the time But these damages in the brain could be the result of the metabolic reactions . Although more studies are required to know why these cognitive happen

It is seen that there are people who are obese and yet very bright . But it is usually seen that they became obese after the age of 4 . The early years of a child are the developing time for the brain . Any such metabolic reaction or genetic dis will hinder in the growth of the brain , which might lead to mental retardation

Research Methodology

By obese it means the subject ‘s weight has to be 150 more than his ideal weight for their heights

They have taken 18 people who were morbidly obese by the age of 4

At the time of study the participants where between the age group 4 – 22 (their average age 11 years . It was made sure that their early obesity is not due to genetic dis

They are tested for their IQ and cognitive skills

24 other people who were the normal weight siblings were also studies – these were those people who were not obese at an early age . He took it as controlled group . This group was chosen because they share socio-economic and genetic background

19 children with Prader-Willi syndrome were also the part of the study .Result of the study… [banner_entry_footer]

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