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Children`s Book Illstrator Lesson Plan

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In our dynamic world , it is to the capacity of education we provide to our students that our quality of life depends on , for a future tat increasingly demands responsible , moral and ethical participation for interaction among people . Moreover , it requires that the educational processes promote the development of the abilities and attitudes necessary for relating harmoniously and respectfully with others


To teach character education through discussing the themes and values commonly evident in the works and books of Anita Lobel

To incorporate the [banner_entry_middle]

values and insights gained to daily activities


Know the life and background of Anita Lobel

Determine the factors that contributed and inspired her to become an author and illustrator

Recognize at least five of her books

Determine the themes most common to these five books

Make connections with morals and values

IV . Subject Matter : Anita Lobel and her books

Grade Level : Fifth Grade


HYPERLINK “http /www .anitalobel .com /biographical .htm http /www .anitalobel .com /biographical .htm

HYPERLINK “http /www .alibris .com /search /books /author /Lobel 20Anita http /www .alibris .com /search /books /author /Lobel 20Anita

Instructional Materials

Visual Aids



Process or Skills





Students will know the life and background of Anita Lobel know the themes and concepts of at least five of her books and be able to gain insights and develop critical thinking through analysis of her works and relate these values to their daily lives

Teaching Strategy

Gaining Attention

The teacher asks the students to name some of the famous illustrators they know and let them mention examples of their written works . Anyone who can answer is given special points or tokens

Informing the Learner of the Objectives

The teacher will inform the students that they are expected to know Anita Lobel and discuss the themes and concepts of her books

Stimulating Recall of Prerequisite Learning

Review if the students have read any book of Anita Lobel and let anybody tell somebody tell some stories he /she had read

Presenting the Stimulus Material

Present and discuss the life of Anita Lobel and at least five of her books . Determine the themes most common to those and the concepts underlying in each book

Eliciting the desired behavior

Divide the students into four or five groups . Let each group discuss on a particular book chosen and let them write their personal opinion for that book

Providing Feedback

Let each group read to the class their personal opinions regarding the book they have chosen . The teacher facilitates and monitors the reporting . Let the students recognize values learned while reading that particular book

Assessing the Behavior

Did the students learn and understand the life , background and personality of Anita LObel

Were the students able to determine the themes used in the books

Were the students interested to the stories and to the books of Anita Lobel

Were the students encouraged to write or develop the inclination to become authors or illustrators

Were the students able… [banner_entry_footer]

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