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Chinese Literature

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Question : For poems written about landscapes , look closely how the poet sees ‘ and in what

his perception re-arranges the natural scenes . Does the poet juxtapose contrasting

images and for what purpose ? Does the poet play with the reader ‘s commonsensical

perception of nature ? Or , does the poet respond to his predecessors writing about a

similar landscape and how ? How does the poet reveal his mind or feelings by presenting

the landscape

Wei Wang ‘s genius wrapped him in the essence of time with that of the gardens and [banner_entry_middle]

fields in Tao Qian , Returning to Dwell in Gardens and Fields III ‘ As he writes , the author stigmatizes the reader ‘s thoughts by focusing on poem of Dwelling in Gardens and Fields III taps into his perception of solitude . For example , the second stanza highlights one aspect of him motioning into a more categorical mood , In daylight I close the door of my shack / a bare room from worldly fancies removed ‘ This example amplifies his juxtapose contrasting of the shack with that of the world – he removes the world as he closes the door of his shack . Not every poet in Wei Wang ‘s time could explain solitude in such ways . His abilities to align and coordinate the landscape with fellow travelers astonish the readers

His ability to see the outlands a place for absolute mystery and quietness relieves the reader from confusion in the beginning of the Garden and Fields III . For example , the first stanza acknowledges his distance from other neighbors : In the outlands few things trouble a man / and narrow lanes do lessen coach wheels ‘ He is not concerned of the worldly perspectives outside of his land . The landscape plays as a field of directing particulars in which he enjoys his life . The commonsensical characterization allows Wei Wang to approach the reader in a simplified , but dynamic way . In this sense , what writer would address the outlands as an undoubting place for a man to leave his troubles ? would use this idea in such a way as Wang did in his poem . Readers respond to his writing with intrinsic wonders that distinguish him in the Tang poetry realm

As a reader , I identify with his perception of solitude in outlands and I find it acceptable as well as astonishing to allow one self to dwell in the landscape for ultimate wisdom . Wei Wang ‘s reveals more of himself through the third and fourth stanza by mentioning that other people do not pay attention to the landscape

Now and then in the village bends

men come and go , pushing back brush

When they see each other , their talk is pure

of all but how tall hemp and mulberry grow

As it is true , Wang wanted his readers to know that the landscape is very important . It correlates with the motives of the constant change many Chinese philosophies pertain to . His natural development into a significant argument pushes the readers to notice and analyze how man can ignore… [banner_entry_footer]

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