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The tribe of Choctaw Indians was originally located in the southeastern part of the Mississippi , southwestern Alabama , Louisiana and Georgia This name for this tribe of Indians is attributed to various sources some of these are the Spanish word chato which means flat because the Choctaw used to flatten the foreheads of their male infants and Haccha a name of the Pearl River with which these people were associated

These people believe that they originated from “Ninah Waya , which is a sacred hill located near Nozapter , Mississippi . The name “Ninah Waya means [banner_entry_middle]

“Productive Mountain ” and is often referred to as “The Mother Mound . The “emergence myth ” is a part of Choctaw history . These Indians are supposed to have belonged to the Muskhogean linguistic family Initially they existed as very large groups , but were significantly reduced in numbers due to infected foreigners who spread a number of epidemic diseases amongst these hapless Indians . The other tribes in this linguistic family are Creeks , Chickasaws , Seminoles and Apalachi

In comparison to the Chickasaw and the Creek who were their age old enemies , the Choctaws were more democratic and less warlike . The Choctaws lived in wattle-and-daub homes . These homes had walls consisting of pole frames covered with mud and bark and a thatched roof They were agrarian in general and in this aspect were unsurpassed in the entire Southeastern part of the U .S , and used simple tools to cultivate corn , beans , sweet potatoes , and tobacco . They were so proficient in this activity that they were in the enviable position of possessing surplus food which they bartered in to obtain goods that they did not have

Moreover , they utilized blowguns , bows and arrows , spears and traps to hunt animals for food and pelts . Their trading capacity was so great that they traded on a very large scale with other tribes and in to communicate with their customers they developed a simple trade language In to transport merchandise and animals hunted by them they used dugout canoes

The Choctaws were fond of sport and it occupied an important part of their culture . Their variety of lacrosse , which was very popular amongst the eastern tribes was a very rough game played with a stick . This game was used to promote social gatherings , bring about settlement of disputes and to train the participants for warfare . The number of participants in this game would be in the hundreds and all sorts of violence like biting , belabouring and kicking were permitted . Not surprisingly , the participants would suffer serious and sometimes fatal injuries . The outcome of this game had so much importance to it that Choctaw priests used to offer prayers in to have an effect on the result of the game

The Choctaws took to riding horses and using them as pack animals with the advent of the Europeans in the 16th century . They developed their own specialized horse breeds and raised cattle . The 18th and 19th centuries were witness to the forced migration… [banner_entry_footer]

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