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cinema of martin scorsese

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The Cinema of Martin Scorsese


Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan

Having emerged as the key figure of Hollywood cinema in the 1970s Martin Scorsese is one of those personalities of Hollywood who considers film making to be a religion above anything else – one that he staunchly follows and reveres . This is a fact apparent in his school of film making which not only affected drastic changes but also ushered in a whole new ear of emotionally intelligent film making , especially in the genre of crime drama

In 1969 , Scorsese embarked upon [banner_entry_middle]

the start of his journey as a film maker with `Who ‘s that knocking at my door ‘ where he went from being an ordinary hand at the editing table straight to the director ‘s chair This was followed by notable efforts on his part where his talent as director shone through in memorable films like Mean Streets , Bringing out the dead , Raging bull , Last temptation of the Christ , Boxcar Bertha the hugely acclaimed Kundun and more recently , Gangs of New York

If one were to take a deeper look into his body of work , the brightly lit pace of most of his plot lines would become apparent even through the more obvious grey tones that seem to underscore most of his movies Let ‘s face it – you think Scorsese you think grey

This brings directly to the two movies we are about to compare . The first one is Scorsese ‘s debut `Who ‘s that knocking at my door ‘ while the other is `Mean streets , a movie that was close on the heels of the first

Who ‘s that knocking at my door , is believed by many to be a trial run for his later classics like Mean Streets and Taxi Driver . But the fact remains that this story of a boy in search of his identity when it comes to marrying the woman he loved – the woman who is scarred for life by rape – is a strong and compelling story to tell . Originally titled , I call first , this movie delivers many clever flourishes and novel ideas despite the critical panning that observed lack of proper correlation between the scenes . This movie was written by Martin Scorsese himself and was released on the 15th of November , 1969 ( HYPERLINK “http /www .wikipedia .com ” www .wikipedia .com ) Structured on a budget of 75 ,000 within a running time of 90 minutes , this movie calls the viewers attention to an easy flow of details and large doses of realist effects embedded in its overall mise en scin

Mean Streets is said to be a triumph of personal film making in context of its unparalleled demonstration of the power a film to convey reality This movie was one of Scorsese ‘s early films starring Harvey Kietel and Robert De Niro . A notable feature of this movie is that although , the plot revolves around Italian American , there were only two Italians on the cast , i .e . Robert De Niro and Cesare DaNova . Released on the 2nd… [banner_entry_footer]

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