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Class name; Introduction to modern bussines

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Executive Summary

`Sales of organic food are booming . Once it was the preserve of specialist shops but now every major supermarket wants a slice of the action . To meet demand superstores are air-freighting organics into the UK and encouraging the type of industrial-scale production it was meant to replace . Is organics still green ‘ – Alex Renton , Sunday October [banner_entry_middle]

1 2006 , The Observer

Britain bought ?1 .6bn-worth of organic food last year , a 30 per cent increase on 2004 . It expects this year ‘s rate of increase to be even higher . The demand for organics in the country is not being caught up by the home grown organics . In this scenario it is quite reasonable for a small organic farm like Sunnymead to explore the options of expanding its product ventures as well as services

The process of diverging into various segments however needs to be gradual as well as properly planned . This is not because of the lack of demand for the products in the market but due to logistics of profitability of a business . There might be enough room for expansion of business quantitatively by increasing the amount of products produced already before gradually adding on each new product line and service like supply of organic baby food , ready prepared meals , supply of dishes to restaurants , home delivery service or website set-up

Later on other ways of reaching out to more customers can be followed by way of local television channels , newss etc . for advertisement and university canteens , office Tiffin etc . for sales

Whilst the sector is still a very small part of the UK ‘s overall food production , with long-term financial support now confirmed by the government growth trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future

Table of Contents


Introduction 1


[A] Politico-legal and Economic factors 2

[B] Social and cultural factors 3

[C] Physical and Technological factors 4

[D]Demographic trends and related business forecast 5

Recommendations 6

Conclusion 6

Appendices (1 2 ) 7 ,8


Product range

Sunnymead is a small scale organic farm , currently dealing with the production and marketing of following product range






The marketing of the products is done at a farm shop located in the town . The products are mainly sold raw and the price range of the products is moderately set . The shop is the only outlet for the products from Sunnymead and the main advertisement processes in function are

word of mouth

shop location in town

the signboard put on top of the shop


The customers for Sunnymead include high income group individuals from affluent middle class group , who can be categorized further as follows

those who stay nearby and hence find it comfortable to visit the shop

those who consider organic food good for health and specifically shop from the place

those… [banner_entry_footer]

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