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Stress Diss and Management Outline

Session One

Time Duration – One and half hour

What is Stress and how is it affecting our patients

In medical terms `Stress ‘ is our body ‘s reaction to a challenge or threat . One can stress out if he or she is faced with a physical danger for example walking in the forest with an evident danger of physical harm or a very subtle reason like worrying about the future can also stress out people

How to diagnose stress

This is the most critical phase of [banner_entry_middle]

managing stress , is to accept that one is suffering from stress . Diagnosing stress will be conducted in an jovial atmosphere where patients will be asked questions like-

If they often feel tense , uptight , and unable to relax

If normal setbacks disturb them a lot

Are they overlooking the small pleasures in life

Do they fret and worry a lot

Do they have many self-doubts and self-criticism

Does their anger flare up more than it used to

Do they have trouble sleeping

Do they always feel tired or experience pain

Do they always feel under pressure and restless

Answers to these questions in either a simple yes or no will go a long way in understanding the position a client is presently in . A patient may not be suffering from all the above symptoms but he can be seriously affected by either one of them or more . Once a correct reason is diagnosed , it can go a long way in correctly explaining the situation and developing a mechanism to heal it

Session Two

Time Duration – One and half hour

What are Different types of Stress

In this section we will discuss of the most common reasons for stress Most often people don ‘t realize that they are stressed

Emergency situation

Traumatic event



Daily stress

Work stress

Family stress

Serious illness

The above types of stress can be triggered by various factors like Emotional pressures , Relationship problems , Lack of time , Anger , Grief Work problems , Sadness , Disappointment , Resentment , Depression etc

Session Three

Time Duration – One and half hour

How the patients react to stressed situation

Patients ‘ reaction can broadly be categorized into four areas

Psycho physiological responses

Behavioral-emotional signs

Tiredness and lack of energy

Anxiety intruding on consciousness or cognition

Session Four

Time Duration – One and half hour

How to manage stress – ways of handling stress

After determining the cause and seriousness of the stress the next step is to manage stress . Times are changing fast and we are seeing how normal people are affected by various kinds of stress so frequently . One of the ways to handle stress in future is making people aware how they can self manage it

Confront the situation , find causes , and escape stress out situation

Forming or joining support and self-help groups will help in understanding the problem through other people eyes and good tips can be taken on how others are dealing with it

Relaxation , desensitization will go a long way in taking things… [banner_entry_footer]

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