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classical mythology-Euripides` Medea

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Classical Mythology

Pg .1 Medea : A Woman on the Edge

The ancient Greek Tragedies that have come down from generations to

generations are all products of fifth century BCE . Although in most nineteenth and early

twentieth century classical studies in Europe and the United States took an idealizing

approach to the ancient texts . This approach assumes that the later readers of these

tragedies can understand the characters and the situations because of their basic truths

about human nature . [I pray that moderation , the god ‘s most beautiful [banner_entry_middle]

br gift , will always

guide me . I pray that Aphrodite never packs my heart with jealously or angry quarreling

May she never fill me with desire for sex in other people ‘s beds . May she bless peaceful

unions her wisdom to select a woman ‘s marriage bed ‘ Euripides : Medea Line 640]

Euripides , Medea is the second surviving play after Alcestis it mainly concerns

the position and treatment of women and the outsiders in Athenian life and its ideology of

the time . On a theatrical level , the chorus ask how Athens , can incorporate their most

cherished values into a story of a murderess into the civic body for which the play was

first created in the 431 BCE . Athens at this time was the height of its power and prestige

However , this is also the year of the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War which later

brought the decline and the demoralization of Athens over the next quarter century

Unfortunetly , the war was imminent the Spartans just attacked Plataea an ally and the

Athenian citizen army was moving

It was a time of anxiety , distraction and feverish activity of patriotic

enthusiasm as well as military pride . This was the atmosphere in which the chorus

praised the greatness and beauty of Athens and which Medea declares she would rather

p Pg .2

[We woman have to look at just one man . Men tells us we live save and secure at home

while they must go to battle with their spears . How stupid they are ! I ‘d rather stand there three times in battle holding up my shield than give birth once Euripides : Medea

Line 250] . These words from Medea offer an extraordinary challenge to the

contemporary Athenian assumptions on gender roles . Along with the other military

language used by Medea in Euripides play they raise questions about the value of

violence and warfare , which played an important part in Greek life and literature . Medea

like the Peloponnesian War would destroy many children of the growing generations

However the lengthen bloodshed of this war was yet to arrive

Medea is known for being the first detailed drama account of Corinthian portion

and has exerted a powerful influence on later representations in art and literature . In ancient references there have been earlier versions . Medea in Greek mythology , was a

sorceress as well as a priestess of Hecate . The daughter of the Colchian King Aeetes , and

the wife of Jason , she later was the wife of Aegeus . Medea is considered a… [banner_entry_footer]

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