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Clinical Practice

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Question 1 : Discuss possible benefits and costs to both the client and yourself of working within a multi disciplinary team setting or with a primary care physician or as a sole practitioner

There are several advantages to working with a multi-disciplinary team In being part of multi-disciplinary team with members for both medical care and medical counseling , patients are more assured that they are being given more comprehensive care , that equitably considers physical mental , social , and emotional facets . It seems to make greater sense to leverage on the skills of many for [banner_entry_middle]

the ultimate benefit of the patient However , this would not be possible if the counselor does not have a firm belief that both medical and counseling skills are imperative in achieving full and authentic healing in the patient . Moreover , the partnership with a primary care physician or a multi-disciplinary team will allow a value-added role and constant involvement of the patient ‘s significant others . Such involvement and show of concern is expected to expedite his full recovery

In being a sole practitioner , the counselor is limited to helping the patient and his loved ones adjust to a disease or condition through psychotherapeutic methods and skills . His primary strength is being able to help the patient undertake a smooth psychological adjustment to his condition . However , the treatment of the patient would not be holistic or complete -not without the expertise of a medical team and allied health professionals who are expected to be equally involved in the healing process . It has also been noted that awareness of the interface between the physician and the medical counselor in itself offers much consolation , knowing that a comprehensive approach is carried out towards one goal of healing and full recovery

One other advantage of partnering with a multi-disciplinary team is the synergy that transpires in the process . For example , when the counselor observes some psychological dysfunction in the patient , he may give feedback to the medical practitioner so that he may incorporate it into his future treatment plans . Likewise , if the doctor or medical allied professional notices some physical malfunction or novel medical condition which might have an effect on the patient psychologically then he may give feedback to the medical counselor who then tailor fits his therapies based on such new input . Another noteworthy advantage is the possibility of the counselor assisting the medical practitioner in conveying life-changing medical conditions or diseases to patients – in such a way that it is not too psychologically damaging or threatening The medical counselor has a critical role in educating not only the patient , but also his medical doctor , the allied medical professionals attending to him , and significant others . These efforts are done in the hope of helping the patient to smoothly adapt and cope with his medical condition – all with the synergized efforts of those around him

Logically , if the counselor chooses to work with a multidisciplinary team or at least with a primary care physician , the latter will be able to bring to… [banner_entry_footer]

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