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Clutrual Studies

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Public Art vs . Art in Public

Public art can be defined as art that is funded by the government with public funds . According to this definition , Robert Mapplethorpe ‘s Cincinnati show The Perfect Moment , the focus of the movie Dirty Pictures , would be public art . But the show raised such an outcry from a vocal segment of the public that it could be argued that it failed If the public does not support the type of art their tax dollars are used to exhibit or fund then in some sense public art has [banner_entry_middle]

failed , but only if we think that in a democracy our art has to be democratic . The work of both the now deceased Mapplethorpe and more recent artists Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid has stimulated debate to the purpose of art in general and public art specifically

Melamid ‘s and Komar ‘s paint-by-survey artworks are an example of attempting to create pure public art or art that the majority of the public wants (give or take the margin of error . Mapplethorpe ‘s show at the Contemporary Arts Center was funded by tax dollars and so in a financial sense was public but it was not supported by many of the people who paid for it . Whether the work of Mapplethorpe or Komar and Melamid is effective public art depends on what effective art is . There should not be two standards of good ‘ art . Art critics heaped accolades on Mapplethorpe but he was rejected by the public whereas the art the public wants (according to surveys ) is boring and , while technically proficient , it is uninteresting and not very challenging The art that people are willing to fund collectively is inoffensive and pleasant , so in this strictest sense Komar and Melamid are effective and Mapplethorpe is not… [banner_entry_footer]

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