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college addmistion easy for acupuncture program

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My Conviction about Alternative Medicine

I have always been a firm believer about the benefits of healthy living Although living in the Western world had led me to believe that modernity is good and old traditions are passy , I have realized recently about the importance of going back to the roots and seeking alternative solutions to our problems

When my friend was diagnosed with endometriosis about 5 years ago , a female doctor decided to first do an outpatient surgery to clean the endometriosis off since she was in excruciating pain . We were [banner_entry_middle]

in the last term of our college semester when that was going on . Since my friend was broke and could not afford surgery , she ended up losing credit in our classes because of her absence . Then , one of our friends recommended something about acupuncture to relieve her illness . We were a little nervous , but it sounded way better than what my friend have been doing . We went for the first session and have been going ever since . She is now seeing the acupuncturist every month or two now . It was like a miracle that she did not have to go to surgery for the endometriosis or be on the birth control pills . I am happy for my friend that she has attained a better health and even lose 45 pounds

For one , the prevailing belief about health and disease in Western society is that health is an optimum state and disease or illness are states to be avoided . Inherent in this notion are value judgments people may place on sick and healthy people , and society ‘s sometimes idolatrous ‘ value of health (Newman , 1986 . The Western medical model typically promotes disease cures as the ultimate goal , and focuses infrequently on prevention and overall balance

I have known that there is an alternative view on health and illness Traditional Chinese Medicine , for example , emphasizes balance . Illness is viewed as imbalance , which can be addressed via energy pathways (Ziyin Zelin , 1996 . Perhaps the most eloquent writer on the subject of Western alternative views of health is Margaret A . Newman , a nursing theorist . Newman (1986 , drawing from the theories of such notables as Teilhard de Chardin , David Bohm , and Martha Rogers , proposed that health and illness are not a continuum but are a single process , with peaks and troughs . In this conceptualization , illness becomes a display of health (Newman , 1986 . How could this be ? Illness in this context is an expression of the body seeking greater health : Most of us prefer harmony , but we may need the repatterning that disharmony can stimulate (Newman ,

. 21

In health care , holistic refers to a focus on the whole being , and holistic providers view people and illness as multifaceted . Illness is addressed through an understanding of not only biological but also social , behavioral , and spiritual factors , and with a variety of interventions (Cohen , 1998 . Of course , many clients seek out symptom relief , and it is necessary for health care professionals to address symptoms or else… [banner_entry_footer]

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