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College Admission Essay

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College Admission Essay

Social work is an extremely challenging field that demands of an individual complete dedication , ability to concentrate on the task in hand and potential to overcome barriers that seem insurmountable at first . All of this takes tremendous passion for human beings , desire to help and commitment to one ‘s goals . Added to these should be considerable intellectual ability , good organisational skills , and communicative ability . I believe myself to have all the qualities that are necessary for success and look to develop them from potential into full-blown strengths in [banner_entry_middle]

social work . An education in social welfare will assist me in developing these qualities and meeting my professional goals as well as help me to build a strong background for initiating social change

Speaking of social change , this concept , in my view , refers to changes in most basic values , beliefs and attitudes in society that trigger corresponding changes in practices and behaviour patterns . We all surely desire in the first place positive social change that will transform contemporary society into a more comfortable place to live in . Social change , however , is often negative , such as , for instance , rising divorce rates and accompanying trends including proliferation of single-parent families , their low income , and instable environment for children upbringing . A social worker has be able to navigate among this complex network of positive and negative changes , supporting desirable and suppressing unwanted trends through one ‘s work

This impulse was present in all my endeavors in the field of social work that ranged broadly in scope and direction . As President of WCC Human Service Club in Spring 2004 – Fall 2005 , I coordinated a host of charitable activities including a Human Service Club Breast Cancer Walk the volunteer initiative at Pleasantville Cottage School , and attendance at the 2005 NCORE and the 2004 and 2005 MACHS conferences . Our involvement in Pleasantville Cottage School was an especially meaningful experience to me as I could give my help and care directly to the fourteen girls of Cottage 4 that we adopted , supporting them in their difficult adolescence and trying to compensate , at least in part , for their difficult family background . This work alerted me to the presence of a great number of homeless children in the world , in need of someone strong and mature enough to guide them through their growing up and helping them to adjust to life that has often treated them far more harshly than their peers

This involvement has also helped me to hone my organisational and communicative ability that was also developed through enrolment in Big Brother and Big Sisters of America for the New York region . In this program , I worked as a mentor to a Big Sister , helping her to go through complexities of childhood and growing up . I remember with gratitude the award granted to me for this accomplishment by Hawthorne Cedar Knolls , an organisation that recognized my involvement in the girl ‘s life as highly effective and meaningful . Seeing this simple friendship as an opportunity to help… [banner_entry_footer]

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