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College admission essay

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Choosing the right university is the biggest challenge for me . It will be a great deal for any student who would like to be educated and experience different types of learning , both inside the campus and life outside the university . Last semester , I studied at University of Connecticut and I must say that I have learned valuable lessons and my stay there surely helped me a lot in my personal growth . But I believe that there ‘s a big challenges ahead of me , and I want to take that great leap for me [banner_entry_middle]

to be able to mature as an individual

I am very hardworking student and possess a positive attitude , that ‘s why I am enrolled this semester at Gateway Community College because I firmly believe that no temporary setbacks could hinder my ambition to graduate college and become successful

I have heard a lot of great things with Endicott College and I want to be a part of a college where they really value the success of their students . A life in campus should have a relatively balance between his education , pleasure and family . Having a balanced life would lead to a successful endeavor . Endicott College affirms strongly that learning in campus together with internship would be one of the greatest attributes a college could offer to his students . It ‘s likely to be very vital in shaping ones ‘ character as to what I believe in . That kind of mission would contribute to my success both in personal and professional success

Endicott also considers the community that cultivates a positive reception of diversity international awareness , community service , and moral and ethical values . Endicott is a modern college that presents an enthusiasm for students both supports the undergraduate and graduate students in their quest for learning

Success is a very broad word that covers a lot of concepts . But what is success for me ? Success can be measured through individual achievement as a student and as a person . As a student , when you know you have gained a lot of knowledge through classroom integration and be able to put it into practice . High grades are not enough to measure ones success rather if you really have learned something from each subject . I believe that wisdom is very important that awards , but that doesn ‘t me I wont become persevere and work hard to be a grade A student , rather I will strive to become a better student with good grades and learn valuable lesson inside and outside the classroom

I consider that success is a grasp away from me if I will be accepted in Endicott . Nothing can stand my way as a person to pursue my dream and turn it into reality . My failures in the past haven ‘t put negative impact on me , rather it was a learning experience that I have acknowledged and turned it into my strength . I think that a positive attitude embodies an Endicott student , and I can assure you that I have… [banner_entry_footer]

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