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Death and Dying : The Different Treatment of Death

in Chopin , Thomas , and Williams

Through Similar Literary Devices





Death is a shared human experience and therefore a universal theme in literature . Poetry , fiction , and drama venture into the dark recesses of life by exploring the inevitable fate of everyone and everything that breathes . Death differs from person to person and the treatment of death in literature differs from author to author . There is only a small set of literary tools [banner_entry_middle]

available to authors , of any genre , through which themes like death can be examined . It is through the unique manipulation of these tools , and the intense expertise of great American authors that such a varied approach to death can be interrupted demonstrated , and shared . Through the use of similar literary devices the theme of death is explored differently in The Story of an Hour Do not go gentle into that good night , and The Glass Menagerie . In The Story of an Hour ‘ irony is used to explore the theme of death . It is an extremely concise piece prose- just over 1000 words Chopin offers her readers a single snapshot of a typical women ‘s life in 1894 . She did this succinctly but not at the expense of her eloquent and graceful writing . In this brief work she describes the societal situation , emotional prison , and sacrifice of women . An entire century of women ‘s history condensed into a single story . It is a story about death , birth , and re-dying . Louise Mallard died the day she entered into marriage with her husband . In the late 18th century a woman ‘s role was solely to care for her husband and children , never simply for herself . If a woman had no husband , she did not exist . Kate Chopin parallels this real life irony to the condition of Louise in the short story . Chopin is a master story teller and employs the use of irony seamlessly . In The Story of an Hour ‘ two forms of irony can be found – situation and dramatic irony

Situational irony occurs when the reader expects for Louise to be full of grief about her husband ‘s death . Yet , Louise responds What did it matter ! What could love , the unsolved mystery , count for in face of this possession of self-assertion which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of her being . She is ecstatic not over her husband death but because she was in a marriage that required her to be subservient to her husband , to live only for him , and to bend to his will . Dramatic irony occurs when there is contrast between what the audience knows about a character and what the people within the story know about a character . After Louise dies , doctors came and said she had died of heart disease–of a joy that kills ‘ The characters in the story believe that Louise died because of the sudden joy she felt at knowing her husband was still alive… [banner_entry_footer]

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