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When a white flag is raised in the midst of a battle , it means that the other group has given up and wants to surrender . A red light in a traffic signal means stop ‘ for those who are behind the wheels . A simple nod means a yes from those who are being asked . When a dog wags its tail and barks at someone , it means that he is being recognized . A skull and two bones crossed in a product label means that it is poisonous . Signs [banner_entry_middle]

and symbols are not printed for decoration purposes Signals were not designed in the name of arts . They are meant to communicate important messages and vital information

I see communication not on the symbolic perspective but on the higher level of understanding . Yes , I believe that communication has to be as simple and concise as possible . But we have to understand that there are messages that cannot be effectively transmitted by means of words . I find it very impractical to flash the words stop ‘ and go ‘ on crossroads to communicate the traffic flow , instead of using traffic lights . The soldiers may find it difficult to yell , get out of their hiding place and then raise their hands to signal their surrender . To raise a white flag is easier and safer . I am not trying to promote symbolic communication . What I am trying to point out is that communication must be taken not only on the perspective of mere signaling and transmission of information , but on the level of understanding what is being communicated . It is in this level where communication lays a b line between basic and simple . Communication is basic . It is through communication where we interact with one another . It is through communication where we gain and share an idea . It is basically through communication where our thoughts and feelings are expressed . It is because whether we like it or not , we need to communicate . It is our nature as humans to communicate and interact with other human beings , with nature and even with the super naturals regardless of our culture and belief . We may see communication as simple as ABC


or as simple as red , green and yellow signal lights . It may be as simple as giving instructions to stop and go . Behind the traffic lights everyone is instructed to obey and be organized . But more than these people has to understand that traffic lights are for the safety of both the pedestrians and the motorists

What differentiates innocence and ignorance is matter of a fine line It is this fine line where I find it important to see to it that communication really works . Innocence lies on matters of understanding Ignorance on the other hand lies on matters of information and education . When a baby cries , he is trying to convey something to whoever he hears him . He might want to say that he is hungry , he feels uncomfortable with his clothes or… [banner_entry_footer]

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