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Communication Process

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Communication process 2006

Communication takes place when a message sent by one person has been received and understood by another person . The message is sent from the sender , encoded and passed through some medium of communication

Other definitions of effective communication include

An exchange of information

An act or instance of transmitting information

A verbal or written message

A technique for expressing ideas effectively

A process by which meanings are exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols

As the message passes through this medium , there is noise [banner_entry_middle]

and the like which changes the message into something different from what was sent These are otherwise known as the barriers to effective communication Below are three of the barriers to effective communication as identified in the case study at Staples

Noise : Noise can be actual static or anything that distracts from the intended message . An example of this at Staples was the intended merger with Office Depot . Jeanne was contending with her new role as head of marketing and at the same time trying to understand the shoot-`em-up-cowboy ‘ mentality that existed at Office Depot . This provided unnecessary distraction especially as the merger eventually fell through . This barrier to communication resulted is time lost which would have been better spent with her new team

Incorrect medium of communication : This involves sending a message through a medium that may be inappropriate . For example , when Jeanne Lewis was heading the Marketing department , she chose to arrange bimonthly meetings with her direct reports . These meetings were not very productive

Lack of feedback : This is one of the most detrimental effects on a speaker . At the bimonthly meetings held , Jeanne noticed that she ended up doing most of the talking . She found that she got more accomplished during her one-on-one status meetings , held every other week . Jeanne needed the feedback to assist her in making informed decisions

Jeanne Lewis needed to develop a communications strategy- a key factor in building effective communications . This strategy would deal with the objectives of communication as well as style of communication and credibility of the communicator . The strategy had to reflect the goals of Staples and the business context . It had to pinpoint the people affected and identify the best way to communicate with them and had to set the direction and tone of the subsequent communication activities The following are examples of the kinds of features a proposed strategy would have

On the impending merger , Jeanne ‘s communication strategy should quickly inform staff about structure and leadership . It should deal with the questions looming in employee ‘s minds : `Have I got a job , `What is my role ‘ and should shape the future strategy and business priorities

With regards to the changes she was intending to make in the marketing strategy , she needed to communicate what she expected to happen and when (for example , closer relations with the advertising team , as well as with the other marketing teams . She also needed to give early notice on how roles would… [banner_entry_footer]

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