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Communication skills

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The general education skill of Communication is extremely important in college business classes . Communication skills are generally required in all business settings , so your college classes attempt to prepare you through the assignments and discussions . Often , you are called upon to do presentations

In my Principles of Advertisement class , the general education skill of Communication was emphasized through class discussion and the assignment of an advertising presentation . In class , we discussed what types of advertising pitches work and don ‘t work . We also discussed how presentations can make or break you [banner_entry_middle]

p For my assignment , I focused on advertising for Rasmussen College and its five locations . I used PowerPoint to organize the data and graphics that I wanted to share

In preparation for the presentation , I had to research the subject matter , which was the college and its advertising needs . I also needed to be prepared to answer any questions the audience may have

I got ready for this by conducting an audience analysis , where I examined who my audience was in terms of age , gender , education economic status , and interests . I also then created a list of questions I thought my audience might ask , so that I could prepare the answers in advance

My teacher ‘s grading system helped me to understand what I did well and what I did poorly . The comments were useful , and pointed me in some directions I had not considered . I now have a better understanding of how to improve my presentation skills for the future , and the experience gave me confidence that will serve me well… [banner_entry_footer]

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