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Communist threat in Guatemala

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Communist threat in Guatemala

The main idea of Dulles Declaration is to prevent Communist possible expansion into Americas . The Declaration clearly testifies that the USA feared greatly its main rival after the WWII – the Soviet Union . Thus any even subtle attempt of the latter to slip into the continent was regarded as an expansion threat that could jeopardize stability in Americas and shake the authority of the USA as the superpower of the afterwar world

While interpreting the document , it is necessary to consider that the WWII ended . However , it resulted [banner_entry_middle]

in the emergence of two polar systems and two polar blocks – capitalist system headed by the USA and the Communist system headed by the USSR . Those opposite parties had been leading a cold war for years . It was the war of ambition it was the war of authority . The USA controlled so-called Western hemisphere the Soviet Union controlled Eastern hemisphere . Neither one of those two countries desired to let the other one to intervene into its own sphere of influence . The Declaration all through is penetrated with the fear that international communism might gain a solid base in this [Western] hemisphere . That is exactly why an attempt of the USSR to get some control over Guatemala was met with such passionate resistance on behalf of the US officials , Dulles in particular

Obviously , the document was prepared pursuing three main goals

To warn people of Guatemala about possible danger of communist regime established in their countries

To mobilize Southern Americas ‘ leaders to not to let Soviets expand into the continent

To inform US people about Communists ‘ evil plans

The Declaration is some sort of a help appeal . It is quite evident that the USA ‘s main objective was not so much to save other (Southern American ) countries from Communism , as to not to let the USSR penetrate further and thus jeopardize the existing status quo of the region

Thus , it is possible to say that the main audience , for which the document was prepared , is South American leaders and all American people . No wonder that Dulles appeals ” If world communism captures any American State , however small , a new and perilous front is established which will increase the danger to the entire free world and require even greater sacrifices from American people . This passionate phrase reveals very well the target audience mentioned before , which is all American people or the people of both Northern and Southern America . He also appeals to the leaders of South American countries saying that the future of Guatemala .lies at the disposal of leaders loyal to Guatemala who have not treasonably become the agents of all alien despotism which sought to use Guatemala for its own evil

The most revealing words of Dulles are the ones , which describes the evil or the negative influence that communism intends to create within the continent . For instance , Dulles states that Arbenz Government [which was in alliance with Soviet Government] responded in effort to disrupt the inter-American system . Another very… [banner_entry_footer]

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